Hong Kong Day 6 – Disneyland Breakfast with Mickey

We have not blog about Day 1 of Hong Kong Disneyland yet. We had a lot of fun on the rides and shows, this is Disneyland, after all 🙂

.. but Daddy thought he wanted to share our special breakfast first. If you cannot wait, our Day 1 photos are here.

Click on this link for more details and pricing about Dining with Disney’s characters. We stayed at Hollywood, but we took a slow 15min walk to dine at Disneyland Hotel’s Enchanted Garden.

With road names like “Magic Road”, and meeting rooms named after Cartoon beauties, we have high anticipations for our breakfast.

The breakfast is Good ! Tim Sum, waffles, wide spread of Chinese and Western cuisines. We told kids to eat first, so that our “Disney friends” will pop by earlier.

Truth is, we need the kids to feast first, because everyone will stop eating when they see Mickey (米老鼠) and friends :p

At about 8am, Goofy waltz into our dining hall. We are seated near the center, and kids can already hear the commotion from those seated near the entrance. Goofy ! He is TaLL !

We shouted Mickey Mickey when he sneaked in. He is definitely popular at every table. Oooh, argh, snap snap. Everyone take turn to pose with Mickey. Mickey tried to pinch Boon Yee’s cheese 🙂

Sometimes, Boon Xin kids prefer their Disney cartoons to be smaller in size, as in those found in the Television sets. Life size Goofy and Pluto with their whiskers could have spooked Boon Xin ooops, haha !

Mickey is ever so Friendly. Looking at the kids’ smiles and laughter, we can afford to let them forget about breakfast for a while. Their Disney adrenalin has kicked in.

Even Mummy and Daddy could not resist the adorable Daisy! Quack.

When at Disney Hongkong, if budget permits, please shower the kids with some Magical breakfast, SengkangBabies LOVED it 🙂

More info :

Click for details on 香港迪士尼乐园 breakfast with Disney Characters.
Please take note that diners will not know beforehand which star will actually pop up for breakfast.

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