Disney Planes movie

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SengkangBabies pop by Disney’s latest animation “Planes” preview yesterday.
It was cool for all six us to spot our 3D glasses 🙂

You know what is cooler? Dusty (the crop duster) flying and overtaking a pair of F-18 Hornets in the opening sequence, WoW !

Dusty is the typical underdog whom no one will give a second chance, but through perseverance and determination, slowly climb to the top of the league.

Outside Golden Village (GV) Vivocity, a special hangar has been setup for kids.
They can fly paper aeroplanes, colour Ripslinger (WW2 Spitfire) and even Skipper (a WW2 veteran Corsair) !

Kids love the character balloon planes, and Boon Xin likes to be a flight attendant.

Daddy love the Aircraft carrier and the many variations of the cute fork-lifts !
The Tibetan fork-lift monks got everyone laughing wahaha 🙂
(look at clip 54s below)

We shall not be a spoiler here, watch the show and be impressed :p

Video : Planes screen from 05Sep, see the preview at Youtube clip below :

Planes is suitable for children, as they learn about friendship, never giving up, and having the courage to overcome our fear. Most importantly, dare to chase our own dreams !

If you love Cars, you will definitely love Planes.
Planes’ characters are available at this link.

Catch “Disney’s Planes” in Singapore cinemas this 5 September 2013. For more updates, like the follow @disneystudioSG and subscribe to Official Disney Studios Singapore Youtube channel.

Are you ready to take off? Come 2014, do pop by RSAF Open House, make sure your kids go and greet our pilots 🙂