Hong Kong Day 5 – DisneyLand

After enjoying our breakfast, we will be spending our last night in Disneyland. This will the highlight for the kids, 2D1N of Magical Disney experience !

Earlier, we have blogged about our Day 2 “Breakfast with Stars“. We love the experience, dining with Mickey, Daisy and Goofy !

When the kids saw the Mickey train pull into Disneyland station, you can almost hear everyone go WOW! The distinct Mickey ear, memorabilia from DisneyLand within the cabin.

We quickly checkin at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, before heading back to the themepark. The other hotel in Disneyland is HongKong DisneyLand Hotel, and free coaches ply between the hotels.

During our stay, we got a promotion and second day Disneyland themepark tickets were waived, Magical Disneyland Yeah !

More Mickeys await us in the themepark.

Along Main Street, we await the “Flights of Fantasy” parade.

Since we were early, we browse through the souvenir shops first, enjoying some cool aircon. Even Donald and Daisy are seeking shelter.

Finally, the parade floats into action at around 3:30pm.

We see performers and floats coming down the street. All our familiar cartoon characters waving to us. Some in the crowd were also invited to participate in the parade 🙂

Little girls will shout to Cinderella and Sleeping beauties, while the boys will be jumping over Buzz Lightyear! Fantastic festive mood.

It will take 30min for the performers to cover Main Street.
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Next, we hop over to TomorrowLand’s Autopia. This car rocks ! Both kids and adults love the bumpy ride ! Actually, we are not supposed to treat Autopia like bumper-car, but look at Nai Nai and Yi-por (奶奶 and 姨婆). This is 奶奶’s first driving experience 🙂

After our rides, we attended Golden Mickey’s ceremony at FantasyLand.

As long as we can catch Mickey, Donald and Goofy on stage, no one is complaining. We like the Musical !

You must not miss Golden Mickey !

The sky is turning dark, we rode some Horses and Dumbos, before we gathered infront of a Castle.

Everyone who visits Disneyland must catch the spectacular Fireworks display.
Heng family (BPDG) agrees 🙂

At 7:30pm, the fireworks will be exploding above Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

We heard the fireworks are even more dazzling during Christmas period.

Goodnight Mickey Mouse. We will visit you again tomorrow morning.

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