Diy your own Logcake

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Boon Yee’s own diy logcake, and it was delicious πŸ™‚
We were invited by Two By Two to their school holiday Logcakes class.

Video : Boy, did we had FUN crafting our own Logcakes!

These two are not exactly Masterchef material, but they love getting busy in the kitchen classroom.
kids baking class

The ingredients for our Logcakes.

Cooking Mama guided us along the way, from baking powder, spatula to whipping cream.

Classroom of bakers, and excited parents.

FUN was always part of the Logcakes’ ingredients.

No, not shaving cream Boon Yee. But nothing was stopping the kids from dipping their fingers into the sweet whipping cream.

At every opportunity, kids will help themselves to the chocolates flecks heh heh πŸ™‚
kids making logcakes

Kids were excited to show Mummy and siblings their pretty logcakes.

Thank you Two By Two for the Fun diy Logcake session. We love Logcakes, especially those which we made ourselves πŸ™‚

The diy Logcake session was an excellent opportunity for parents to bond with their child.

Do pop by their Website and Fanpage for the latest update. To quote from Two by Two

“Two by Two Schoolhouse is a kindergarten and enrichment centre with a Mandarin emphasis. We adopt a child centric, project work based teaching methodology, whereby our children learn through play and experiential reinforcement”.