Junior Sports Academy, Sports Buffet

Yee at his weekly Flippa Ball session.


Junior Sports Academy (JSA) is managed by MOE , and the target audience are kids who show an interest in sports, or exhibit better sports coordination.

What is JSA?

Think of JSA as Sports Buffet πŸ™‚

As long as your kids love sports, does not matter any disciplines, be it Run, Swim, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Fencing or even Table tennis. There are up to 19 sports on the menu!

JSA sports selection
JSA sports selection

There are selection trials every year and those who show more potential (and passion) in sports got a higher chance to be selected.

If you child is in P4 or P5 and love sports, give it a try. No3 Boon Yee is a perfect candidate as he loves the great outdoors and adventures πŸ™‚

JSA curriculum and objectives

To quote from MOE website :
”Β Budding sporting talents will be identified and developed with a broad-based physical sports programme, to strengthen their overall physical competencies and motivation in sports at the primary school level.

These students will explore and discover their strength and passion in a range of sports at the primary school level, and subsequently make an informed choice to commit to one of them with more targeted support from schools and relevant sports organisations at the secondary school level and beyond.

Interestingly, a child should NOTΒ pick a sport which he is comfortable with. Example no soccer or swimming if he is already in school team or attending weekly swim classes.

The idea is to pick a “new” sport and let the coach and instructors develop your potential, you have to pickup from basics again πŸ™‚

If the child excel in his sports and wish to pursue it further, there are Sports School and other tracks to consider.

Our thoughts?

I always believe that Sports can help to mold a child’s character.

Sports is a good platform to build up his or her resilience, discipline, independence and sportsmanship.

I have never been active in sports but am now running more to inspire the little ones to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Checkout out our family sports here, Running, Hiking and Cycling.

The Mrs was a little bit hesitant about Junior Sports Academy programme initially, as selected candidates will need to commit to 4 x 12 weeks of training, one session per week.

Junior Sports Academy
Junior Sports Academy

We were worried that this might load the child with additional activities, but seeing how Yee enjoys his flippa-ball sessions, we are glad we signed him up for JSA πŸ™‚

I wished I had as much opportunities (Sports buffet) from Junior Sports Academy in my youth!

Boon Yee’s Primary (and backup) sports selection for the first 48 weeks. If selected, he will immerse in that sports module for 12 weeks “internship”.

Who know, we might be seeing a budding Schooling or WaterPolo national member in our home one day :p

=== ===
-Fencing or shooting
-Badminton or Table Tennis
-FlippaBall or Basketball
-Taekwondo or Track & Field
=== ===

Besides popular Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball, there are less visible options like Sailing and Bowling too.

Best of all, kids and parents do not need to invest in any sports attire or kits (no need to buy rackets or soccer shoes), all will be on loan from JSA programme. JSA only need parents’ commitment to bring the kids to their class on time.


The coaches are hired by JSA programme to teach the kids.

JSA Flippa Ball

There are many ways to excel and thrive in today’s society. And sports is still an underrated sector with much potential.

The challenge would be how many parents are willing to let their child take up a sports career? Β We will support our kids if their true compass is in sports. As long as they are enjoying their life and are happy, we shall be happy πŸ™‚

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