Living a good life, one without Regrets

[ My own Life ]

If I should live up to 80 years old, I am almost at the halfway point already. Quite sobering, 40 years has gone by in a flash, with four little monsters to keep me alive and active.

We plan for their future, we hope to see them grow into responsible adults, we hope to see them settle down, and maybe carry their children. But nobody can tell you what will happen tomorrow.

Advanced Medical Directive
Advanced Medical Directive

Turn to the obituaries, people die everyday, some prematurely.
Besides the insurance and Will which we leave behind for the family, we can consider Advance Medical Directive (AMD) too.

Call me traditional or pragmatic, I prefer to go quickly, rather than to drag on.
Mr Lee Kuan Yew is inspirational and thought provoking in talking about his own departure (Read quick exit). He is in very good condition for a 90 years old !

If I should need to go first, I hope to be able to choose the way to depart.
At my old age, I would hate to feed through tubes or be connected to multiple life support systems.

With medical advances, doctors might feel obligated to prolong our life, or family members might wish to extend our life, praying for a miracle.

When life is unbearable, when the dignity of living is diminished, when death is near and recovery chances slim, let me go. To stay alive “artificially or though life-support system” is to prolong the pain, not to myself, but to my loved ones.

If we have live a fulfilling life, one filled with contentment, there should be minimum regrets. Treasure every day with our love ones πŸ™‚

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Advanced Medical Directive Act
– Let our organs improve someone’s quality of life. Read Human Organ Transplant Act.

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