Mount E Doctor for a Day review

[ Media Invite ]

After kids hear about the dreaded cholesterol at Mount E Doctor for a Day, they promised to keep off French fries. Their self-imposed restrain lasted for a respectable 30 minutes :p

In case you are wondering, that yellow “bulb” is a giant Heart and its capillaries.

Mount Elizabeth has invited us to their popular “Doctor For A Day” series.
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Besides playing different roles in the room, kids enjoy interacting with the “mentors” (and sometimes mannequins).

Checkout the cute “ER” outfits! Kids look so professional and proud parents could not stop smiling.

They might be small, but our doctors excel in the nursery. Be it changing diapers, feeding or singing a lullaby. At the very least, Daddy hope they finally understand the amount of shit effort parenting involves.

Emergency Room (ER) looks glamorous on TV, but kids realised very quickly that performing CPR and evacuation is not easy. To inject some sense of realism, kids had to drive their “ambulances” around too.

Outside the “operating theatres”, parents are beaming with pride and laughter.
Look, my child can administer AED shock!

Our kids are enjoying themselves too. Heh, you do not get to play with a syringe everyday. Daddy can still remember commando Boon Kang (no2) never cried during his jabs.

A giant Heart pulsating away! So this is the organ which is working 7×24, 365 days a year, pumping our blood flowing through our veins.

The cardiologists have carefully inserted large blocks of cholesterol (white cotton buds) into the veins. Gross! Now we feel so guilty consuming all the Bak Kwas.

With every mission accomplished, junior Doctor gets a stamp.

End of tour, graduates get a certificate.

Pharmacy is transformed into a studio for the graduation photoshoot.

At the lobby, kids find familiar scenarios from their “Doctor for a day” app. Example, trying to identify nutritious and healthy food.

Suitable for kids 4 to 8 years old, Doctor for a Day app is both fun and educational.

Friendly staff, they make the whole internship experience so much more memorable!

Thank you Mount E Doctor for a Day for the fun internship. Role playing as Doctors, nurses and specialists at Mount Elizabeth, be it bandaging or even fire fighting, kids gain valuable medical knowledge through their various jobs scopes and interactions.

Daddy secretly hope they will be less fascinated about Fast food :p
Parents should checkout Mount E Doctor For a Day for future recruitment, these internships are always a sold out feature.

More cute internship photos can be found on our Fanpage album. We are recommending you to pop by Emergency Preparedness Centre (EPC) to experience more Homeland interactions.