River Safari’s River Quest

Last December, River Safari started trial run on it’s River Quest. This is the boat ride to bring you deep into the Amazon Basin. River Quest was not ready during our last visit.

The official opening is 9am, but we arrive at 8.30am to see a long queue infront of us.
Yup, it is the school holidays.

Boat ride is on a first come first serve basis, and we were allocated the 12pm slot.
Those coming after 10am can forget about the boat ride.
How to book River Safari boat Ride, long queue for River Quest

Child must meet minimum height of 106cm, which we think is too “conservative”. The boat ride is very safe, and kids 100cm should be able to enjoy it with parents’ supervision.

While Mummy is queuing for the boat ride ticket, Boon Yee is busy fending off a hungry crocodile.

The good thing about arriving early is the animals are fresh and eager to share a photo with you.

Someone is reluctant to pose with the real crocs.

Kai Kai would be happily performing his bamboo chewing show, and our Red panda is always so active πŸ™‚

If you are visiting River Safari on a weekend, and if you are a Panda fan, do head straight to the Panda enclosure to beat the crowd.

You can always u-turn to visit those exhibits which you have skipped.

Saying hello to Panda’s baby. We heard Panda babies cannot apply for Singaporean citizenship, they must be returned to China πŸ™‚

At the Panda exhibit’s exit, there is a small window for visitors to catch Inuka at 10am. That is our Polar Bear’s feeding time. In case you are wondering, Inuka resides at Singapore Zoo, and we blog about his home “Frozen Tundra” in June2013.

Some of the other animals and fishes which were spotted, sucker fish and sunbathing otters.

This Arapaima not only look old, they are prehistoric !

Electric eels, the big ones can produce enough jolts to electrocute horses !

Both Anaconda and Candiru are scarey. Guys peeing in water might risk something slithering into their urethral OucH !

Everyone is curious about River Safari’s latest ride, River Quest.

Even though the queue was long, it is still bearable. Each boat can take up to 10 passengers.

Getting ready for our River Quest. Those who like water should try to go to the front row.

Animals along the cruise, we see more signboards than animals πŸ™
Most of them were enjoying their afternoon nap.

We suspect those who boarded the boat before 10am should have better views πŸ™‚

(credit : poster from River Safari)

“JAGUAR JAGUAR”, we shouted loudly to get it’s attention but he is not stirring.

Kang and flamingos.

Video : Very tame ride, we were not impressed with the sleeping animals. Daddy had to make some voice over to heighten the kids’ anticipation.

Map of the river cruise. One round will take about 12 minutes.

We noticed the squirrel monkies are bolder now..

Oops sorry, Daddy is referring to the cute primates who swing from the tree. They will try to snatch unsuspecting tourist’s bag of food (Do not expose your food to the monkies!)

At 10am, River Safari had more visitors than residents. School holidays might not be the best time to enjoy Singapore’s attractions πŸ™‚

River Quest might be disappointing for us, but the giant fish tanks from Mekong and Flooded Amazon remain popular with our kids. They love to spot the giants! Do not forget about Jia Jia and Kai Kai too.

River Safari tickets are S$25 and $16 for adults and children respectively.
With the completion of River Quest, we suspect River Safari ticket will eventually be S$35 and S$23. Click for Park Map.

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