Chiang Mai Doi Inthanon attractions

Doi Inthanon attractions include Waterfalls, Flowers (Royal Project) , suteps (Pagodas) and nice cool weather.

In Thailand, “Namtok” means waterfall, and “Doi” Mountain. Follow our hashtag #skbChiangMai for the updates on Instagram (skb= SengkangBabies).

From city area, it takes about 2 to 2.5 hour driving distance to reach Doi Inthanon. This mountain happens to be Thailand’s highest peak at 2565 meters, so it attracts a lot of visitors, locals and tourists.

As we go higher, it gets cooler and road became more winding. At certain sections, we can see and feel the mist envelop the valleys and roads!

We ran out of time to visit the King/Queen temples at Point #08. (chedi (Naphamethinidon and Naphaphonphumisiri) . The temples look spectacular even from a distance.

Sunrise view of the two chedi should be spectacular.

The van will bring you up 90% of the route.

Grab below map from Thailand Tourism office (Orchard Road). You will not find this English-detailed Map in Thailand airport nor Chiang Mai (perhaps only in some city tourist offices).


Our hiking start point is at point #09 Kio Mee Pae Nature Trail.

(GPS 18.555613, 98.482396)

Doi Inthanon map

The temperature can dip to below 10 degrees during cold spells. Our hiking temperature was a cool 15 degrees. Not chilly as we were working up 🙂

Refer trail map below, young families can u-turn at point 10 (to and fro under 2.5 hours), if you feel adventurous enough, go through more countryside, take a loop along 11,12 and back to start point again (21) (estimated 3 hours plus)

Doi Inthanon temperature
Doi Inthanon temperature


The best thing about hiking is the discovery of flora and fauna. We stop along the trail to admire the ferns, moss and beautiful blue beetles!

Relax, catch our breathe, to minimise any altitude discomfort. Plenty of stylo photo opportunities 🙂

Doi Inthanon attractions
Doi Inthanon attractions


Although it is cooling, you can still perspire. Make shift walking sticks are not necessary, path is very easy to hike.

As we exit the forest, a magical landscape embrace us. Simply awesome to see the waves of mist floats in and cover the slopes and meadow!

Misty Doi Inthanon


Hiking Doi Inthanon
Hiking Doi Inthanon

Our view is blocked by the mist, on a clear sunny day you would be able to see neighbouring mountains and peaks.

Our hiking reward? One of the best Aroy (pork) we ever tasted in Chiang Mai. Smoked pork in cool climate, perfect combination 🙂

Doi Inthanon food
Doi Inthanon food

We stopped halfway down Doi Inthanon for our lunch.

Next stop, Royal Project (point #04).

(GPS 18.545188, 98.521962)


Pretty landscaping at every corner! Think Gardens By The Bay, but more natural, larger scale, and natural aircon 🙂

I loved the Royal project flowers and landscaping, but flowers might not appeal to everyone.

The late King has designated Royal Projects as a means to help farmers improve the life and yield. Flowers, vegetation, stocks and fish, R&D were injected to encourage more efficient farming methods.

The revered Thai King. Portraits for Thais to pay their respects.

More nice photos, and you do not even need a tripod. Thais would be very helpful to help you with your photos. Did I mention the folks in Chiang Mai are friendlier than Bangkok folks 🙂


Local make shift market next to carpark.

Tickets to Royal Project are 20 Bht per person, and 1 to 2 hours will be enough for most tourists (unless you go hiking at the trail)

You know kids are enjoying their “outdoor” activities when they are jumping and dabbing or enjoying some Fresh air.


Last stop, a waterfall. Refer to Doi Inthanon attractions map above, any waterfalls would be awesome. We had planned for two waterfalls but we ran out of time.

There are at least 7 waterwalls in Doi Inthanon, but the Mrs and kids will find three waterfalls an overdose :p

Wachirathan waterfall point #03 on map.

(GPS 18.541436, 98.599232)

Doi Inthanon waterfalls
Doi Inthanon waterfalls

Additional tips for Doi Inthanon :

1) Plan for a 1/2 day trip, not including transport to and fro from city (about 60km). Take it slow and easy, enjoy the landscapes and fresh air. We recommend a light jacket.

2) You will need to hire a guide (at hiking start point) for hiking at Doi Inthanon, fee for Guide is only 200Bht (Sgd $8 for whole group), we gave extra 100Bht tips. Most guides do not speak English.

3) You can see Sakura blooms end January too. Do pop by this link for more hiking photos and tips. Waterfalls and camping details at this link.

4) If you only got 60 minutes for hiking,  go for point #10 Ang Ku Luang Nature Trail where you will reach the Highest point of Doi Inthanon. Be amazed at the “moss” forest.

5) Toll fees up Doi Inthanon attractions : Adults 300 Bht, Child 150 Bht (to pay at about 0.8km location)

6) We hired a mini bus for 8 hours, rate is about 3000 Bht (Sgd $120). Red tut tut can go up the hills too but will be uncomfortable (less suspension).

7) You can spend the rest of the day eating at Night Market.

8 ) We heard Kio Mee Pae Nature Trail might be closed during rainy season. Please check availability with local guides.

Video (YouTube link) : Lovely Doi Inthanon attractions are suitable for the whole family


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