Wild Wild Wet – Seeing Double

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Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East has been popular with families and youths for a long time. Slides are catered for both smaller kids and adrenaline junkies.

To celebrate a recent milestone, doubling of Wild Wild Wet water park, Seeing Double campaign will give public a 50% discount for dressing identically.

And just for June and July only, visitors can enjoy Woosh, a huge slide 50 metres l.o.n.g πŸ™‚


Recommendation : Leave the props for photographs, you can slide faster without the floats.

Parent and child (or friends) can challenge each other to see who reach the end first, I was excited to try the “bouncing-slide” with my kids too haha πŸ™‚Β  Checkout the video below.

When we reached Down Town East last weekend, many folks were already dressed in identical clothes. Some school uniforms spotted too.

In fact, Wild Wild Wet scored a Singapore Record for 111 pairs of visitors who wore identical outfits.

Besides Woosh, Royal Flush is the newest slide at Wild Wild Wet.

Royal Flush is suitable for everyone. There is really a STEEP Flush (free-fall sensation) before we are washed up the pipe!

Not as thrilling as Torpedo but you will get a small adrenaline kick.Downtown East Slides

Many more slides await visitors πŸ™‚

Kidz Zone (picture above) is very popular with smaller kids. Multiple colourful slides will twist and turn the kids into the pool.

We only got one small complaint, there is not enough floats. Our kids needed to hunt for floats at the lazy river haha.

Tsunami pool

If you are tired, just drift away on the Shiok River (aka Lazy River).

You can choose to float in style, with pink flamingo too (rental fee applies).

Video (YouTube link): Checkout more Splashing Fun on our video

wild wild wet
Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East

Thank you for hosting us ,Wild Wild Wet πŸ™‚

After 2 hours in the pool, we still could not get enough of Wild Wild Wet.Β  Late lunch before heading home πŸ™‚

Seeing Double campaign will run from now till 31 July, come dressed alike and enjoy exciting 1-For-1 Promos at Down Town East.

You will find irresistible deals for D’Resort, Wild Wild Wet, Orchid Bowl and eXplorerkid, details here -> www.downtowneast.com.sg/seeingdouble

Do pop by Down Town East website and Facebook for more updates.