Our favourite Gynae and Ped

Today, our family is 10+ years old. We visited our benefactors, our Gynae and Ped earlier.

Our favourite gynae, Dr Madeleine Tan. Maybe it is fate, we stuck with her from our first child, and Mummy is assured in her hands.

A lady with few words, she is always comforting.
She might appear aloof to some, but her words are always assuring and comforting for Mummy.

The usual scenario in the ward, Daddy was there to witness all our babies’ birth.
– Mummy warded
– cervic dilated, under monitoring
– Induce baby, water bag poke
– I can see the head, “push” “push”
– Baby pops (ours are all natural birth)
– Baby cries
– Snip the umbilcal cord
– Relief, tears, congrats
– Parenting duties start again :p

The above scenario from the hours to the last few minutes, are complex and unnerving for first time parents. A good team (nurse, 接生婆 and Gynae) is crucial to ensure everything delivers (pun intended). To the team, it looks easy but parents will feel mixed feelings, anguish, anxiety, pain (for the ladies), and finally relief.

Gynae Singapore
Gynae Dr Madeleine

10 years and four babies later, Dr Madeleine still looks the same 🙂

Our favourite Pediatrician, Dr Keoy Soo Shin. He is now into private practice. When the kids were smaller, we used to visit his clinic in Bishan or Thomson Medical.

Some say he looks sleepy or seldom smile, but you cannot deny his tender loving care towards the kids.

Always accommodating, no matter how busy he is. When our kids are down with serious flu or bronchitis, his attention and patience calms us down.

Most Ped wound not accept phone consultation, but not Dr Koey.
Sometimes, we parents just need that extra two minutes of reassurance from our good doctor.
(We have experience with other “famous Peds”, who are impatient, and even made us feel unwelcome.)

Kids remember the gummies and biscuits in his clinic even after so many years !
After a jab on the buttock, the biscuits are comforting. ( the sequence can be reverse haha)

Our favourite Ped, Dr Koay

We are not advertising for our favourite Gynae and Ped, every family got their personal favourites. For us, Dr Madeleine and Dr Koey are instrumental in helping us build up our family.

Thank you Docs ! You are our family’s benefactors and we will always remember your help 🙂