Planes Fire and Rescue

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We caught a preview of Disney’s “Planes Fire and Rescue” yesterday.
The tagline “When others fly out, Heroes fly in” stuck with us.

In the prequel, Planes showcase how Dusty (a crop duster) puts in effort and refuse to give up, achieving a lot of milestones along the way.

In “Planes Fire & Rescue”, we pay tribute to the brave firefighters, who are always the last ones out in a crisis. Sometimes, they sacrificed themselves in order to save others.
Planes Fire and Rescue disney

Long story short, Dusty’s gearbox got “downgraded” due to extensive use, and to redeem himself for a mistake, he volunteers for a firefighter certification.

Look at Dusty’s makeover, including floating pontoon.

(image credit Disney)

Video : “Planes Fire and Rescue” trailer

Besides the new stylish helicopters and planes, Daddy’s favourite must be the all- terrain smokejumpers. Kids are always impressed by firefighters, but smokejumpers are in a league of their own! These folks parachute straight into the fire-zone!

(image credit Disney)

Video : Cool, now we know smokejumper is a real profession.

Interested to know how Dusty and team fight forest forests with water and fire-retardant. More importantly, witness how firefighters charge in bravely and selflessly to save lives.

Come 4th September, catch “Planes Fire and Rescue” in action. (Official Facebook page)

(image credit Disney)

– Singapore is too small for smokejumpers but no harm watching how the rookies go through their selection phase (5 episodes here)
– In recent memory, 911’s gallant firemen stood out. Read more about the heroes here and here.

Closer to home, Firefighters (and paramedics) are a special breed. Salute!
Give them a Hi5 for keeping Singapore safe.

– It is time to visit our neighbourhood fire station again (open House every Sat 9-11am)
– Do you know what to do in an emergency? Firefighting, CPR, and evacuating, read here.