Dutch Lady ActivGold™

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We know Dutch Lady’s popular products are condense milk and their dairy milk.

Now, Dutch Lady has a new Growing up formula milk. Dutch Lady ActivGold™ is specially formulated with extra 50% DHA and other important nutrients for overall mental and physical development. Read more about ActivGold™ here.

The kids’ first impressions are good, maybe the slight tinge of honey sweetness helps.
Kids are not aware of the benefits of DHA, but scientists know that the brain experience a spurt of growth during the child’s Growing up years.

From within the womb, a baby’s brain is already growing, and by the time he or she reach 5 years old, the brain size is about 95% of an adult’s. Refer to ActivGold website for more illustration.

There is a table on how DHA are sourced from our daily food intake. This is where ActivGold’s extra 50% DHA comes into the picture.

Dutch Lady ActivGold believes that every child is a Genius, and every milestone is worth celebrating. They are running a #50xbrightkids Instagram campaign from now till 30th November.

Contest details here –> http://www.50xbrightkids.com.sg

If your child has a talent, Dutch Lady is inviting you to participate in 3 easy steps.
1) Instagram one of your child’s Genius moment
2) Add Caption and hashtag #50xbrightkids
3) Upload

Winners will be notified on 15Dec 2013, and 50 lucky kids will be featured on Dutch Lady’s ActivGold advertisement. You stand to win a carton of ActivGold products worth more than $200 and $100 gift vouchers !

Do pop by #50xbrightkids website for more Genius candidates. You can click on SengkangBabies Instagram contributions too 🙂

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On a side note, Boon Wee and Boon Kang are having their exam periods now. Although Mummy and Daddy agree academic results are important in Singapore, we felt that a conducive environment for kids to Grow up is more important.

Look at big Brother Boon Wee preparing milk for his younger siblings. We are grateful that Boon Wee is mature and can take care of his younger siblings (Actually Daddy does not mind waking up later on weekends)

In return, the younger siblings trust their Big brothers will always be there to help and protect them.

We strive to impart positive values for our kids, so that they grow up to be responsible and independent adults.

Video : Talking about Genius, Boon Xin can blog at 3 years old, is she a child prodigy or not :p