Ah Ben wants young parents to cook

Always wanted to cook but somehow too busy.
Ever dreamt of serving egg benedict in bed to surprise the spouse?
Perhaps our spouse or Mum are too good with the wok? Daddy got excuse..
Hassle to prepare the ingredients?
Challenging to remember the process? Cooking is an elaborate workflow !

Or maybe if you wish to impress upon the kids that cooking is cool.
Somehow, boys do not associate cooking (home econs) as manly.
Hello, screen Junior MasterChef now 🙂

Daddy is lazy cannot cook, but he sure can conjure up a lot of excuses :p

Not to worry, Ben Yeo (normally we know him as Ah Ben 杨志龙) is here to help clueless Dads, like yours truly.

Electrolux has invited MediaCorp artiste Ben Yeo to produce a mini-series of 4 webisodes targeted at young parents. Ben is a father of two, each 3 minute episode will have him introducing simple-to-prepare recipes that even your kids can help out in.

What’s Cookin’ Daddy!” will be launched on The Electrolux Little White Book Facebook page on 22nd August 2013.

Each week, 5 winners get to win a copy of Ben’s new cookbook “这样煮,宝宝才爱吃” and an Electrolux small appliance 🙂

More info about show can be found at the following links :
Electrolux Little White Book
Electrolux YouTube Channel
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