Emicakes Strawberry mooncake

Emicakes Strawberry mooncakes are out to titillate your tastebud this Mid-Autumn Festival. Underneath the alluring pink snowskin, generous chunks of Strawberry and chocolate chips fill the mooncake!
Emicakes Strawberry

Emicakes Strawberry Choc Chic mooncake does not taste like mooncake in the “traditional” sense. After all, so many bakers have come out with all variants of mooncakes nowadays 🙂

Initially, Boon Xin thought it was Strawberry ice cream, with delicious chocolate chips haha! Once the kids tasted the familiar Strawberry sweetness, they could not stop.

If you are a strawberry lover, Emicakes’ latest creation will bring you immense satisfaction.

Mooncake Grandeur, from Singapore’s No1 Durian Cake maker.
We have fallen in love with Emicakes Strawberry mooncake 🙂

Each box of Strawberry Choc Chip (4 pieces) costs $48.90, and you get to enjoy 15% discount for orders before 04Sep. (Strawberry Choc Chip is also available in single packs for only $10.90 and 2 pieces for only $16.80. While stocks last. Visit any of our outlets now. T&Cs apply.)

Thank you Emicakes for the lovely Mid Autumn surprise !
Do pop by Emicakes Website and Fanpage for the latest promotions.

Emicakes Snow Skin Durian mooncakes

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Who love Durians?
Who love Oreo?

Daddy and Mummy love both. Maybe Emicakes have done some research and they decided to introduce a new Mooncake.

Emicakes is famous for everything durian, but what do you call a Durian and Oreo combo mooncake? D24 Oreo 🙂

Daddy and Mummy are more traditional mooncake lovers, so we say the D24 Oreo is an acquired taste.

But Boon Kang and Boon Xin gobble up every slice ! To them, durian is durian haha.
They savour every crumbs of Oreo too.

Anyway, Emicakes’ Crystal Skin Mooncakes (冰皮月饼) come in three flavours.
Mao Shan Wang (猫山王), Premium D24 ( the yellow one) and D24 Oreo.

(image credit Emicakes)

You already know which mooncake our kids prefer, the adults will find it hard to resist
Mao Shan Wang. Emicakes’ signature mooncake is hailed as Lifestyle Asia’s Top 5 Snowskin Mooncakes in 2012.

It contains only the finest and freshest Mao Shan Wang flesh enveloped in a delectable crystal skin. The sweet aroma hits us even before we swallow the pulp.

Premium D24
With a generous amount of D24 flesh, you will never miss the heavenly taste of durian in every bite of this classic treat. Pure indulgence.

The durian pulp looks richer and more tantalising on Emicakes’ website 🙂

(image credit Emicakes)

From our last Emicakes review, two little models have emerged as the subject expert where Mao Shan Wang and D24 is concerned.

Just in case Emicakes need little models for advertising….

15% OFF for all mooncake boxes from 19 August to 15 September 2013 with FREE delivery to 1 location plus Free Allerines Premium Tea Sample! For selected credit card holders only. Terms & Conditions apply.

Orders can be placed via website www.emicakes.com.sg or through outlets island wide. For more details about Emicakes products :

– Contact 6749 6782
– Read how our kids slaughter our Mao Shan Wang cake 🙁

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Durian lovers rejoice, Emicakes is rewarding SengkangBabies’ fans with two sets of Supreme 8-Premium D24 worth $46.90 each 🙂

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