Safra Toa Payoh opening

We pop by Safra Toa Payoh‘s opening last Sat. We heard the space has tripled after renovation, and Daddy thought the facade bears resemblance to a certain bird-nest stadium in Beijing πŸ™‚

Families gather to checkout Safra’s latest offerings. There is something for everyone in the family. Xin trying to act funny when we told her she is too short petite :p

We have sports, arts, food, stage performances, but Yi and Xin are too small to participate in some of the “family” activities. Zorro Fencing anyone?

Unfortunately, bowling is not one of the “free” events. It would be cool to see Yi and Xin struggle with the “gigantic” balls. Baby Wyvrn was also attracted by the bowling commotion πŸ™‚

The central of attraction must be the pool. From the carpark’s see-through wall, to the glass wall’s reflections, it is hard to miss any activities surrounding the pool. This see-through pool looks familiar too.

Look at the number of people who pop by to checkout Toa Payoh Safra.

We were too late to squeeze in a free 30min slot at Kids Amaze, we know how popular it is at Jurong Safra. (Click for more information)

Do pop by Wee Family’s review. This playground is HUGH !

If Kids Amaze is designed for kids, then EnergyOne is for adults. After exercising, we can always enjoy a sumptuous meal with our family. There are so many F&B outlets for your selection.

We are spoilt for choice, from fast food, to dessert to popular Korean, Japanese cuisines,Β  and steak house. Sample F&B outlets include MacDonald, ToastBox, Aston, Kkongdon Barbeque, Hoshigaoka and get this “Beer Alley” (at bowling alley).

Daddy would love to see how tipsy bowlers throw their bowling balls down the gulley :p

.. but Daddy suspect kids will choose candy floss over mealtime everyday (except if it is MacDonald’s Happy Meal)

Captain Amazing (kids ask why not Captain America) entertains us with magic show. Kids love his hilarious puppet Monkey (Coconut) and chicken (KFC).

We were supposed to create some fridge magnet, but we had to skip the session as Boon Yi and Boon Xin were almost in dreamland after a busy morning.

Thank you Safra and Omy for the invite.
Daddy promise to bring the kids back for some swimming soon.

ps.. Safra is celebrating it’s 40 years anniversary with a lot of activities for members. Click for membership details.