Chek Jawa wetlands

Remember our Chek Jawa trail in Mar? We love it so much that we revisit Chek Jawa again in June. Thanks to Heng family, we plan our visit during low tide, and we follow nPark’s guide to explore the wetland.

It was a Wet morning, we don our rain-coats and caps and continue exploring our ecosystem.

We can catch some exotic water creatures.

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What else can you find on Pulau Ubin?

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Heng family (BPDG)
general Pulau Ubin tour (with Naked Hermit Crabs, we climb the tower, spotted mudskippers, hornbills etc)
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** Do take note that wetland walk can only be book through Nparks. Each tour costs $60, shared among 15 participants. This is not inclusive of bumboat and mini-van fares ($2.50 and $4 respectively).

If you need more Stars, they do not get bigger than Pulau Semakau‘s :p