ErgoBloom, the best study desk for your kids

Boon Yee studying on his ErgoBloom kids study desk. He is studying hard for his PSLE, and this ergonomic table came in time to help him concentrate.

ErgoBloom (sold by ergonomic furniture retailer ErgoEdge) come in two sizes and colors, regular/large sizes in either pink or blue. Since ErgoBloom is designed to grow with children, we chose the large pink so that there is enough space for two kids to study side by side.

With ErgoBloom, Boon Yee has improved his posture. He is much more productive now and is able to prepare for his PSLE comfortably.

Sturdy quality with adjustable heights, ErgoBloom is designed to grow with our child.

The set also comes with various add-ons such as foot rest, book shelf/holder and wristpad to provide a more conducive and comfortable study environment for your child.

Here’s the best part.

The desk and chair are fully adjustable, so we can adjust it for our child’s comfort as they grow. This ensures that our child would not sit awkwardly in an ill-fitting desk.

Once a child cultivates good posture and is comfortable, not only will he be confident in his posture, he will fidget less and naturally be able to concentrate better on his studies.

The ergonomic table literally grows with the child, promotes and enforce good posture on children of all ages, stretching our ROI!

The ErgoBloom table top can be tilted to minimise strain to the neck, this prevents kids from developing “forward neck posture”.

The non-reflective surface minimise light ray from reflecting into a child’s eyes, especially from electronic devices. This will reduce the impact of astigmatism, and delay the progress of myopia.

ErgoBloom Table
ErgoBloom Table

ErgoBloom is designed by ErgoEdge, and Boon Yee’s table looks more impressive than my own computer table.

Be it for study or entertainment, ErgoBloom allows the kids to focus and manage their work area.

BloomChair comes with ergonomic features like height, backrest, and seat depth adjustments to get your kid the perfect fit.

The standout feature is the unique flexible split-backrest design. It reacts to any shifts in our kid’s back to immediately fill in the gaps. This provides high levels of support and comfort, thus reducing pressure to the back and spine by up to 75%.

Some studies have shown that this design gives the best shoulder and back support, helping your your child to slouch lesser and sit straight more often.

ErgoEdge chair has a safety feature too. The rollers are automatically locked when someone sits. This would prevent accidentally rolling over toes!

Our ErgoEdge table is both functional and aesthetic.

Good Luck Boon Yee with your studies!

The ErgoBloom is undoubtedly one of the best kids study desk available in the market.


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The ErgoBloom is sold by ergonomic retailer ErgoEdge – who was founded on the mission of making ergonomic products accessible.

Visit ErgoEdge’s website to buy directly or check out their showroom at the following address:

110 Lorong 23 Geylang, #07-09,
Victory Centre, (opposite Alijunied MRT)
Singapore 388410
+65 68505017

ps.. our ErgoBloom set (worth $830) was sponsored by ErgoEdge