Etiqa Insurance gives me assurance

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There are a few personal milestones in my family.

• The day we got married and form a new family, getting the keys to our home.
• When the first child came along and elevated us to parenthood.
Xin birth

• When our kids enter nursery, graduated from K2 and start school life with P1.
• When we become grandparents 🙂

new house
k2 graduation

Some of us might recognise Etiqa Insurance as the HDB-appointed provider of basic fire insurance when we purchased our HDB unit. Etiqa is the insurance arm of Maybank Group, and I just realised they have a new “Free Term Life Insurance Promotion”.

• Etiqa is currently offering free Term Life insurance to newly-weds and to parents with children under the age of 1 year.
• The cover lasts for 12 months.
• The plan pays out $25,000 if the life insured dies during the policy term.
• For eligible couples who are Singaporeans or PR, it means a total of $50,000 free coverage at $25,000 each.
• This promotion aims to encourage young couples and parents to think about how important it is to cover their families with insurance in the event of unexpected death.
• Application must be made online via Etiqa’s website.
• Click on this website link to learn more about the T&Cs

Video : Etiqa Insurance shares how a “small act” can bring about a ‘big return’. Lovely story 🙂

With a family, I am no longer providing only for myself and spouse. We have to give assurance to our loved ones too. I want to celebrate as many milestones with my family as possible 🙂
Banding brothers

Apply for Free Term Life Insurance promotion here –>
etiqa insurance
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