Eyelet Junior for our active lifestyles

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Eyelet Junior series of eye wear fits our kids’ sporty lifestyle. Be it basketball, hiking or cycling, our eye wear stays on the kids’ faces (without slipping).

More importantly, we are happy that the stylish and functional eye wear helps to control kids’ myopia from worsening.

Eyelet Junior
Eyelet Junior

Sometimes,  I am a bit disappointed at myself for being negligent at protecting my kids eyes. We only have a pair of eyes and we sometimes take our eyesight and vision for granted.

I suspect we (society, peers) might have subconsciously influenced kids that we can always rely on lasik to solve all our problems.

We list some of the common tips to protect our eyes below.

  • Ensuring book is 30cm away
  • Rest our eyes from the screen every 30 minutes
  • Too much smart phone games
  • The high percentage of myopic rate in our population might let the kids believe that myopia is normal
  • It does not help that both parents are respected and kids might have a “resigned” attitude thinking genetics will win the day. I keep finding excuses, when we as parents should try harder to delay myopia progression.


Nanyang Optical’s Project Junior campaign wish to impress upon kids and parents to take better care of our eyes.

Nanyang Optical wants to raise our awareness about myopia prevention (and management).

Boon Kang testing his new Eyelet Junior eye wear. We love the colourful and bright eye wear, which suits their active lifestyles and style.

We have been using Eyelet Junior eye wear for a few years now, and we are confident of their durability and strength.

Poster below list some of the attributes of Eyelet Junior. You may read about our previous Eyelet Junior review here.


We understand the new version of Eyelet Junior is even more durable and lasting. Our boy decided to go back to his black and green colour combination.

During Boon Kang’s eye examination, our optician would remind us on how to take care of our eyes.

I noticed eye checks have gone digital too, we no longer have to look at the wall and read out the characters. Everything is flashed from a projector onto a screen.

3D check was new for me. We learnt that lazy eye will impair our ability to  differentiate depth, thus we will not be able to appreciate 3D movies’ special effects.

Eyelet Junior range of stylish eye wear

It is never too late to take care of our eyes. I must try harder to help kids take ownership of their own eye health.

Do follow Nanyang Optical Website and Facebook for the latest updates. We would like to shout Thank you to Nanyang Optical for helping us manage our kids’ myopia.





Nanyang Optical Eyelet Junior

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Boon Kang’s second eye health-check in school confirms our fears, Boon Kang is myopic, and he is now a statistic in Singapore’s high rate of myopia 🙁

Genetically, both Mummy and Daddy are bespectacled, so we were hoping to delay kids’ myopic journey for as long as possible.

Nanyang Optical (NO) came to our rescue again. We are confident of Eyelet Junior, as we have witnessed how it has help Boon Wee to control his myopia. Read our 2012 review here.

We brought Boon Kang down to NO’s new branch at Nex. Our friendly optometrist Glenn was very helpful in assessing Boon Kang’s condition.

Eyelet Junior is all about design ingenuity, no screws and hinges! It is the world’s first stitch-locked eyewear, with inspiration from everyday stitching.

The lightweight frame is both durable and flexible, the metal bars on both side has a “springy” effect, griping our face snugly.

Boon Wee’s Eyelet Junior is already one year old, but still in good condition. He loves sports and Eyelet Junior frame grips his face comfortably without slipping off.

More importantly, we are happy that Boon Wee’s myopia condition has stabilised.

Eyelet Junior has garnered several international awards too.

Which frame is more suitable for Boon Kang’s image?

Daddy subtly reminded him no blue (same as his brother) or pink (might be feminine)…

He chose the Orange frame, which we all agree suits his colourful personality. We love the little strip of green 🙂

At the end of the day, whether you are wearing specs or not, we need to encourage our kids to practice good eye habits

Are we even wearing our spectacles correctly? Eyelet Junior’s grip enables our eyes to constantly focus on the same spot.

(image credit Nanyang Optical Fanpage)

Unfortunately, Boon Kang’s younger siblings think it is “cool” to wear specs! Daddy has to emphasised that it is not Cool. Wearing specs is very inconvenient, and we are happy that Eyelet and Myovision are helping to minimise the impact.

Thank you Nanyang Optical and Glenn, for helping Boon Kang select his eyewear.

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