FairPrice Walks With U 2014

It is FairPrice Walks With U, but kids must have mistaken it to be Fairprice Runs with U! Together with our friends from Heng Family, the kids were dashing every few 100 metres.

Pretty energetic Saturday morning.

Marina Bay was a sea of Blue today.
Fairprice walks with U photos

Smiles everywhere, from Promontory to Marina Bay Sand to Gardens by the Bay to Marina Barrage.

Plenty of opportunities for us to pose with the landmarks.

Or the buskers and cosplayers.

Hooray, we have reach the top of Marina Barrage after 45 min slow walk.

Yeah, halfway point and felt so happy that we perform a cheerleader jig too.

Video : We love Fairprice Walks with U !

Marvelous blue skies, with cooling wind, and the Sun was not too harsh. Prefect for a family day out 🙂

We always have time to enjoy the lilies and fishes under Art Science Museum.

Xin is not impressed by the sexy samba gals. The drums are too loud 🙂

We did it, nobody complain during our 5km route. Proud of the kids !

Games and more drinks await participants.

After we had our lunch, we went back to Gardens by the Bay’s Children Garden to cool down. Read our previous preview here.

Thank you NTUC for the invitation! Besides a fun day for families to get together, NTUC Fairprice also presented a cheque for $1 million worth of food vouchers for less privileged families.

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Fairprice walks with U

Last Sat, all the kids enjoyed themselves, and even had spare energy to sprint at the end 🙂

The weather might not be ideal, but the mild haze is not going to deter us.

A lot of families have woke up earlier, just to join NTUC’s “Fairprice Walk with U” initiative.

The crowd starts moving at 0800.

Photo opportunities everywhere, our Bay panoramic view should be nicer minus the haze 🙂

Daddy wanted some special memorable photos, but construction site?
(Hello, we not PCK contractor )

Crowns, stilt-walkers and drummers rally the morning crowd.

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves 🙂

Lilies and lalangs dot the walking path.

Although Boon Xin kept complaining of tiredness, she still accomplish the 4km walk.

Finish line finally, we took about 1hour 20mins.

Walking down the slope is less fun…

.. Running is definitely more Interesting !

Carnival activities await at the destination.

Balls, Weights, Fishing, Milo, queues are everywhere.

As part of NTUC’s support for community, $1m worth of food vouchers were donated to support needy families.

We also noticed an interesting truck, named “Do Good Store“.
“Small deeds. Big differences”, the campaign wants your “kindness” commitments, and you do not need to pay for the merchandise. More information here.

Thank you NTUC for the invitation, although we need to wake up earlier, we enjoyed our family day out 🙂

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In the afternoon, we return for Garden by the Bay’s Birthday party 🙂