Our blog is top 25 in Singapore ?

Thanks to TheSmartLocal for spotlighting our blog. It is both a humbling and joyous occasion (at least online), to be acknowledged as “popular” haha 🙂

Read TheSmartLocal’s summary of Top 25 Popular bloggers Singapore here.

If this is the first time you are visiting Sengkang Babies blog, do pop by 盛港宝宝’s bio first, our Motto “We bring you Fun!” must have interests a lot of visitors 🙂

Alexa indicates we are near the top, because of our increasing “unique” visitors over the last three months. If we compare solely by ranking, we might be somewhere in the top 100 or 200, which is still a remarkable achievement.

** Daddy is trying to say there are a lot of GooD Awesome Blogs in Singapore !

Our blog receives 1000 hits every day, of which 75% are unique visitors. That 3,000 spike is due to the haze. Our Travel itineraries are very popular with families during the holidays.

To thanks our fans and readers, we can only continue to work harder, to tell more people that Singapore is not boring. The next project for us will be on Photography, we hope to share our experience on how not to be the Missing “Photographer”. Every family should have nice portraits 🙂

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Daddy cannot wait to share this news with the kids 🙂