Family friendly vacations

You might have noticed the aeroplane and mini-stewards on our blog? Photo was taken at Taipei’s BabyBoss.

We want to make it easy for you to search for your family holidays πŸ™‚

How do we research for our Holiday destination?
– affordable
– family friendly
– scenic
– food availability
– free and easy (our preferred mode)
– farms
– word of mouth recommendations

We rely on our fellow bloggers’ recommendations to decide our next destination. Because we trust our friends’ insights (especially those with families). Families go slow on their itinerary and always have a Plan B πŸ™‚

Likewise, if we love our holidays, we will recommend them to our friends too πŸ™‚
Be it Hongkong, Taipei, Legoland, Krabi, Gold Coast or even Batam. Staycations and Cruise are holidays too. More destinations are featured on our Holiday section.

Since the kids are small, we have been lugging them along with us. True is, Mummy cannot bear to leave them behind. If you have reservations about surviving a holiday with the young ones, we suggest you trial with our public transport system first.

For us, Malaysia is always within easy reach for a 4D3N stay.

Our preferred vacations should ideally have some water features πŸ™‚

We recommend you to pop by our Fanpage too, as we have many Holiday albums to share with you. SengkangBabies bring you Fun !

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