Instagram our family

If you have been following us on Instagram, you will noticed our kiddos are quite happening (多姿多彩). Daddy now prefers to update the latest gossips via Instagram first.

We are quite busy and adventurous during the weekends. Thanks to our blog, kids get to enjoy a lot of “lobangs” 🙂

We got four kids in our Family, and SengkangBabies are generally a happy bunch.

You always hear Daddy repeating this statement in our blog. “There is only one childhood, make it memorable”.

Browsing through the last few months’ activities, Instagram has captured our family’s growth and memories. Time flies.

– 7 years before No1 goes NS
– 9 years before No4 gets her O levels
– 10 years before Daddy hit Big 5

Kids grow up overnight. White hair refuse to stay hidden.
Daddy always tell the kids “Enjoy the moment, Cherish the kinship”.

A lot of things are beyond our control, but we learn to adapt.
When things do not turn up well, we make the best of the situation.
Go ahead, make mistakes and learn from experience.
The road ahead is long and will be uncertain but your family will stand by you.

How would Daddy and Mummy love to grow with the kids?
How would the kids view their own childhood?

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