June Holidays are keeping us busy

June Holidays has barely started and Daddy is already stuck with backloads of Fun haha. Look at Wen Wei swimming in Oreos !

There might not be enough time to blog about every event, but Daddy will always upload the latest adventures on our fan page.

You can view how we celebrate Boon Xin’s 3rd birthday 🙂

She was so happy to find her old kakis, and they link up over our bikes and lorries !

Did you know we sent the whole contingent down to ColdStorage Run? Thanks to Marina Bay for the sponsorship. We enjoy a fun filled, hot and tiring morning with our friends 🙂

Even Boon Xin got some pace, although she lasted only 200m.. Race is 800m.

We took a dip at MBS’s swimming pool, the one offering a magnificent view of our CBD.

So surreal for us to walk to the edge of infinity pool.

We end with Wild Wild Wet. Oreo is celebrating 100 years old, and we get complimentary tickets to one of three attractions. No points for guessing why we water babies chose WWW !

Oreo was so kind to send us one month’s supply of Oreo cookies. Look at the first photo, Boon Wee is swimming in Oreo cookies !

Wild Wild Wet, we are not wild but we definitely got WET !
Slides, Waves, rubber boats, we soak them all !

Do pop by our Fanpage albums for the latest activities.
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More on Oreo’s anniversary :
Oreo would like us to “celebrate the kid in us”. Daddy believe we are living that dream, day after day. You can pop by Oreo’s fanpage to see how they are celebrating their birthday worldwide.

Just look at our Fun-albums, you can tell we are a fun loving family right :p
Next week, we will be camping at Festive Hotel Yipee 🙂
If you bump into us, say Hello to us ok.

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