Gaya Island Resort activities

Gaya Island Resort
Gaya Island Resort activities

I love this snap of how the reefs are flourishing under Gaya Island Resort (GIR). When we saw the resort, we gladly extended our Sabah vacation by another 2 nights πŸ™‚

Our Holiday actually started with GIR’s guest concierge at Jesselton point (jetty).
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities

20min ride to our resort, and 3D2N of clear water and white sandy beach πŸ™‚
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities1

… VILLA on the hill!

As our speedboat nears Gaya Island Resort, we can see the villas dotted over the hillside. Heightens everyone’s anticipation.
Gaya Island Resort accomodation

Are you in the mood for a vacation already? From jetty to lobby, the kids had a sneak preview of what will greet us over 3D2N. Green foliage, surrounded by South China Sea, and different tones of green and blue water.
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities4

One word, RELAX. Pure bliss.
Wherever you turn, you are greeted by the pool, trees, beach and sea, or on a good day Mount Kinabalu!
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities11

Spacious tall ceiling Lobby, a cool respite from the heat outside.
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities3

Our room is perched on the hillside, enveloped by foliage. We can always laze on the couch and admire the landscape, but alas wet monsoon season means the cushions are seldom dry πŸ™‚

Just imagine, you and your darling holding hands, sweet embrace. With the waves or crickets forming a background symphony, this idyllic lifestyle is my kind of Romance β™₯
Gaya Island Resort for family

Spacious villa (we got connecting rooms), hall leads straight to bathtub.
Gaya Island Resort photos

Love the fruity shampoo and body lotion (Orange and Mangosteen flavours), smells nice and really refreshing. We got the sea and pool, but I was wondering why kids still need the bathtub. I could not resist copying the kids in their bathtub, too bad Mummy was too shy to join in.
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities8

Holiday essentials. Snacks, 4G (complimentary with every room)
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities5

GIR is actually targeted at honeymooners, but families are welcome too. Pavement are suitable for strollers, but you might wish to choose a unit nearer to lobby (ie meal venues)

The only mode of access on Gaya Island Resort is walking, it is only 1200 steps every day to and fro from our room to lobby haha.
With the good meals over breakfast, lunch and dinner, I console kids we need to exercise. The GIR car plate is exclusively for staff hee hee.

I actually left a feedback for Gaya Island Resort to provide bicycles for guests πŸ™‚
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities2

..POOL, Jump!

Video (Link) : Ready to dive into the pool?

Gaya Island Resort swimming pool
Swimming facilities Gaya Island Resort

The pool always look inviting, from any angle!

Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities6

.. MEALs with a view

We are not joking when we mentioned all meals offer a glimpse of South China Sea. Truly Awesome, as kids will be fantasizing about next Fun beach activity. Sand castle, snorkeling, swimming and kayaking, or just lepak (relax) on a hammock.
Breakfast Gaya Island Resort

Breakfast and dinner at Feast Village, intercontinental choices.
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities14
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities12

Friendly staffs were very prompt in responding to our needs (for hot water, extra blankets).
From the dining establishments to the receptionists, smiles greeted us everywhere, guests are treated like Vips.
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities13

Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities16
Japanese food Sabah

Japanese Teppanyaki at Omakase. Our chef delighted us with his skills, and we were rewarded with delicious and tantalising Seabass, chicken and beef.
Gaya Island Resort Japansese food

While we are not exercising, we dabble in relaxing trinket. Kids were entertained for 2 hours! There is something therapeutic about stringing beads together πŸ™‚
Day 6 Gaya Island Resort facilities10

We start and end this post with water activities, which are the highlight of our stay πŸ™‚
Next, we will share GIR’s Private beach (Tavajun Bay) and snorkeling at their house reef.
snorkeling Gaya Island house reef

Do pop by Gaya Island Resort Website and Fanpage for the latest updates. GIR is part of Small Luxury Hotel boutique chain, Website and Fanpage.

(GPS 6.018763, 116.047324 )

Gaya Island Resort allows you to do everything, or simply just relax. We could not ask for a better way to chill and relax after 5D4N of activities in western Sabah. Do pop by our Sabah itinerary and photos below:

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ps.. All expenses on Gaya Island Resort had been sponsored