Feeding Frenzy trail at S.E.A Aquarium

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How often do we get to see Manta Rays feed?
At 2014’s Science Festival, you will get to see the Manta Rays feed at S.E.A Aquarium.

Daddy was invited to a Feeding Frenzy Trail last week. Over 2 hours, participants will better understand the feeding habits of the marine creatures at SEA Aquarium and how the meals are prepared.

We started our tour with Jaws. Different Jaws, different purpose, for chomping, grinding etc. Daddy has a fear of sharks no thanks to Hollywood’s infamous Great White JAWS.

Moray eels are known for their bad attitudes, and you do not want to mess dive with them.
They always look sneaky and nasty behind their lairs, waiting to ambush unsuspecting preys.

Daddy always has a soft spot for the jelly fish. As they pulses and glides across the water tanks, they look so graceful and carefree.

Beware, under their lethargic outlook, Jelly fish’s tentacles are lined with toxins, waiting to sting and paralyse their next meal.

Through the microscopes, we peep into the food chain of the Marine world. Micro organisms (planktons) at the bottom of the food chain are so small yet they can sustain the largest mammals on Earth. Really Amazing!

From Planktons to Krills (small shrimps), some of the feed can actually be cultured. We learn that photosynthesis allows algae to thrive (coated) on the rock surfaces, and some micro organisms will then feast on the algae.

Under the Ocean, big fish eat small fish (大鱼吃小鱼).

Everyone will get a better understanding of marine life and their diet. We try to match a few marine life to their favourite meals.

Cockles, the same fat juicy ones in our Char Kway Teow, are also stingrays’ delights.

We made our way to the roof of Open Ocean.

To Daddy, Feeding Frenzy’s highlight is watching the magnificent Manta Rays surface and swallow their lunch! As it swims up, followed by a school of fish, the aquarist will pour the feed straight into the ray’s mouth.

It looks like a giant vacuum-machine in action, Cool!

Video : Magnificent Manta Rays gliding through the Open Ocean

We see all sorts of seafood in the food preparation area, not unlike our wet market.
The meals will be separated into containers and labelled, and aquarists will then deliver them to the S.E.A Aquarium’s inhabitants.

Portions, schedules, food types and even supplements, everything runs likes clockwork inside the kitchen.

Some other things we learn along the way.

– Aquarists are specialists who look after the fish (definition here)
– Bluetanks (some blue fish) like to peck on the corals, aquarists will coat a layer of Mazuri gel beforehand
– Supplements like garlic and vitamins are mixed in the feed, to help improve fish’s body immune system.
– The freezer is a cool -22 degrees celsius!

We heard the last feed for the day at S.E.A Aquarium is 4pm, and breakfast 8am the next day.

As Feeding Frenzy Trail starts at 8.30am, participants will be be able to witness some of the feeding actions. And since S.E.A Aquarium opens at 10am, the whole aquarium is yours!

Due to bad weather, we could not feed the 20,000 coral fishes at Rainbow reef (Adventure Cove Waterpark). Our kids love their previous snorkeling experiece!

(image credit RWS)

To quote from S.E.A Aquarium :
“Dedicated to marine conservation, education and research, S.E.A Aquarium aims to transform the way students learn about marine life through educational programmes catered for students of all levels, by interacting with marine animals and learning from marine life specialists.”

Daddy finds the 2 hours “Feeding Frenzy trail” highly educational and enriching. Do take note that participants are not required to swim or snorkel to feed the fishes.

More details about Feeding Frenzy can be found on Science Festival‘s homepage.
Dates: 20, 26, 27, 28 July and 9, 10 August
Time:8:30am – 10:30am

Pre-registration is required for “Feeding Frenzy Trail” (suitable for kids 6+ )
Telephone: +65 65777515 or Email: public.programmes@rwsentosa.com
(Please quote ‘Feeding Frenzy Trail – SSF 2014) in email subject

Max: 20 pax
Tickets: $20 (excluding admission to S.E.A. Aquarium)

More details about Singapore Science Festival can be found on their website and Fanpage.

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