2012 NDP fireworks

09Aug is Singapore’s birthday, and the city celebrates with a National Day Parade every year, climaxing with fireworks. Families will be hanging around Marina Bay area during every year’s rehearsals.

If you are there for photography, timing is everything. If you are there with family and friends to soak in the atmosphere, just relax, sit on the floor, get plenty of water, and simply enjoy your family time πŸ™‚

We start this blog with some twinkle stars πŸ™‚

At 6:42PM – Chinook slings the Singapore flag across Fullerton towards the parade

6:44PM – F16 Falcons soar across the bay in fan shape, followed immediately by three F15 eagles.

6:45PM – Cannon non stop 21 salutes. And we watch assault boat manoeuvre into battle position.

As the blue hour approaches..

More and more families gather to catch the actions.

From 7:47PM onwards, the fireworks rock the evening sky. It is very spectacular, but small kids might find it too loud.

Love all the firework reflections off Marina Bay Sand‘s glass walls.

Are you interested to know more about firework photography? You do not need to be a professional photographer or hold expensive glasses to get decent fireworks photos. (Daddy Andy is one good example)
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More parade details and itinerary are available at official NDP home page.

You can also catch Fireworks from Bay East and Barrage. Bay East might be too far away as the fireworks end up smaller. But the reflections of GardensByTheBay and Flyer’s lightings off Marina waters should compensate for everything (make sure you steal a wide angle lens beforehand).

If NDP organisers happen to read this blog, this is the fourth year we did not get any NDP tickets πŸ™