Fish & Co Mom’s platter

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Mother’s day is coming, what should we do to make Mummy happy?
Would she prefer a doodling from Boon Xin?

Or perhaps a Fish & Co Seafood platter?
Fish and Co platter

Thanks to Fish & Co, our family got to do both. We were invited to a cosy dinner at Glass House Park Mall.

The second floor was reserved for fellow bloggers and influencers. Balloons, food aplenty and crafting work too. Kids are in a party mood.

The main highlight would be Fish & Co’s seafood platter. This is no ordinary seafood platter, it is designed with Mums in mind.

Boon Yee ogling at the clams, calamari, and King Prawns, where should we start 🙂

Additional top up and more nuggets from the kids’ menu.

Nuggets and fries are popular finger food at Fish & Co. Their sphagetti is commendable too.

Bon appetit ! We got two Mums in our family 🙂

After their dinner, kids got a hands-on session to create some pretty family portraitures, thanks to the TeeTeeHeeHee folks (IG

Either kids are hungry or the seafood platter is nice, we finish every morsel on our platter. Kids love the paella rice (with raisins). Adults love the grilled prawns and juicy scallops.

We always have a separate compartment for desserts.

This is the detail writeup about Fish & Co’s seafood platter :
Generous portions of succulent king prawns, scallops, calamari and prawns are grilled to perfection and comes accompanied with Fish & Co.’s very own unique creation of curry butter clams.

Priced at $65, the Mom’s Platter is ideal for sharing with the family (suitable for up to 3 pax). What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to bring the whole family down for good food and great company at Fish & Co.

Fish & Co. shows their appreciation to all mothers out there by offering a complimentary Fish & Co. membership with every purchase of a Mom’s Platter.

Membership perks include 15% points rebate on your spending all year round, 20% points rebate on your birthday month priority reservations and more!

Do take note Fish & Co Mom’s Platter is only available from 4th to 11th May 2014.
Mother's Day promotion
(image credit Fish & Co))

Thank you Fish & Co for the dinner invitation, we really enjoy our sumptuous dinner spread. More event photos can be found on our Fanpage album.

Do pop by Fish & Co Website and Fanpage for latest promotions.