Fish & Co dining experience

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Whenever we dine at Fish & Co, fish and chips is always popular with the kiddos.
Boon Kang’s New York Fish and Chip.

The menu offer Fish and Chips from so many countries!
20150926 Fish & co6

Another feature we love is the amount of attention Fish & Co lavished on kids.
Activities like colouring, puzzles kept our kids entertained. Staffs are also keen to ensure the little ones enjoy their dining experience.
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Kids got their own menu and set meals too. Captain Hook and Treasure Trove (Nuggets) for Boon Yee and Boon Xin πŸ™‚
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Fish & Co

I love the Red brick wall backdrop at East Coast outlet.
20150926 Fish & co1
20150926 Fish & co

Seafood platter is always popular with families and friends, we can share the bountiful seafood spread.
Fish & co seafood platter

Cajun platter seems interesting, perhaps we will try it next round.

More Fun activities, you can even win a cruise package worth $2700 by posing with the props!
fish and chips

More details about BigFishSmallFish (#fishncoBigSmallFish) contest on their Instagram.
fish&co Instagram contest

This Children’s Day (09Oct), kids will get a free bait with every a la carte main course πŸ™‚
Fish & Co children day promotion

Thank you Fish & Co for the loving experience.
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