Gardens by the Bay opening

Whether you are riding on the Singapore Flyer, swimming at Marina Bay Sands’ infinity pool or driving along East Coast Parkway, you will be able to spot Gardens By the Bay‘s (滨海湾花园) iconic structures like the SuperTrees, and the conservatories (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest).

Costing a cool $1 billion and spanning five years, Singapore’s latest Gardens for the people was officially opened last Friday. And we are telling you the night lightings and ambient is totally different from the day. The SuperTrees glow ! (pun intended).

We arrived on Sat afternoon, to be greeted by “Insects.” The performers don grasshopper, Ladybird backpacks, and kids were encouraged to pick up the loose balls.

Has Spring arrive in Singapore, nope, it is still 33 degrees :p

Grab your tripod along. There are so many vantage points to capture your family portraits.

This is one Garden build for families to enjoy.

As NDP is carrying out their rehearsals every Sat till 09Aug, you can see a lot of actions in the sky. The F15s Eagles were LOUD !

SengkangBabies is proud to Marina Bay’s amBAYssador, it gives us extra privileges at the Gardens 🙂
Gardens attractions are mostly free, except for the two conservatories and skyway. Do drop by Gardens homepage for pricing.

We started with Cloud Forest, as we have seen the cool waterfall and mist from news ,and other bloggers’ postings. Enjoy the spray of mist as you are welcome into another world, 100% different from humid warm Singapore.

The man-made waterfall seems to be cascading from a green mountain, we need to start from storey six and walk down the “mountain”. You will be mesmerized by the cascading waterfall. Someone say Cloud Forest resembles
Jurassic Park’s “Lost World”, we Love it !

As you follow the spiraling pathways downward, the glass wall allows you to peek out at neighbouring icons like Singapore Flyers and Marina Bay Sands.

The plants and landscaping are supposed to be the highlights in the dome, but Daddy thought the glass wall is an important feature. From any corner, you can just look up and be amazed at the amazing reflections.

Love the green reflections off the “mountain”! You do not realised how tall are the walkways unless you purposely try to look down. When you look up from the base, the feeling is surreal, you just conquered a scenic mountain 🙂

Six storeys, Six stories. Each floor offer another page to explore. Crystal mountain offers stalagmites.

Kids will learn about how our earth is coping with rising sea level, global warming etc. Will mother Earth still be around in 100 years? Will Singapore be submerged because the melting ice at both North South poles are raising the sea levels?

What happens when Earth’s temperature raised by another 5°C degrees in the next century? Kids will be exposed to the environment issues facing us today. The 3D projections at 5°C is Cool!

We pop inside Gardens by the Bay’s concept room, to find out more about Garden’s designs and functions.

Peep behind every window to discover another awesome sight !

We quickly pop into Flower dome, as time was running out. The conservatories and Skyway normally stop visitors from 2030 onwards. As we have visited Flower Dome at last Nov’s preview, we quickly headed to the central area to take more photos.

Outdoor, we headed back to the SuperTrees. Did you notice the yellow pathway linking the Trees? this is OCBC’s skyway, and day-entry fee is $5, L-O-N-G queue! You must make this your first stop at Gardens !

The SuperTrees will be illuminated in the evening. You must see it yourself to soak in the ambient. We can imagine the cool breeze if we are walking on top ! From 1945 to 2000, you can expect Laser shows too.

As we bid the Gardens good night, we notice more cars are streaming in. Gardens will close at 0200, in case you are in the mood for romance.

Thank you Gardens By The Bay, and Marina Bay for the invitation ! One day is definitely not enough to explore the Gardens. Daddy is confident the Dragonfly will agree with your tagline “Where Wonder Blooms!

Follow this link for our preview of Flower Dome last Nov ( Day and Night offer different perspectives). More Flower photos are available at our fanfage.

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