Singapore Zoo is 40 years old and Tickets giveaway

Singapore Zoo is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary this year !
As part of the celebration, guests are invited to walk through a “Rainforest Trail” where you can discover heritage and the popular animal exhibits. More info here.

Those born in 1973 gets to enjoy 40% discounts off their tickets too.

Although the highlight will be the “Rainforest Trail”, we always recommend friends to visit “Fragile Forest” too. (let mouse deer, lemurs and bats entertain the kids).

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Thanks to WRS (Wildlife Reserves Singapore), we got two family packs to giveaway. Each pack contains tickets for 2 Adults and 2 Kids. Do take note tickets are only valid for 16th or 17th Mar.

1. Like SengkangBabies and WRS fanpage
2. Leave your Name and Email on our Fanpage

3. Simply tell us your favourite animal\insect\creature in the Zoo
4. Giveaway ends 14th Mar at 2359.
5. Two winners will be randomly picked and notified

ps.. If winners do not respond by 15Mar 5pm, another winner will be selected.

For the latest updates about Singapore Zoo’s birthday bash, pop by :
–> Zoo homepage
–> WRS Fanpage (which covers Night Safari, Birdpark and River Safari too)
–> click for Ticketing info

Image credits – Zoo posters above are from Zoo website.

Zoo Deepavali

Over the Deepavali holiday, we pop by at Singapore Zoo with our friends Heng family. Zoo is always one of our best playground, and having a “corporate card” helps πŸ™‚

We thought we have seen almost everything, from “rainy days“, to “wagon-fun
Video : Then this creature from Fragile Forest’s undergrowth came out to say Hello ! (looks like salamander)

Everyone were amused, even the ducks haha. It just goes to show our Zoo always has something waiting to surprise us. Even Mousedeer’s three generation family came out for some greens buffet, they look so adorable !

We did highlighted the bats, lemurs and mousedeer in an earlier post. Fragile Forest is now our regular haunt.

What other animals did we see?

We hope Boon Xin now knows what to do when she sees a snake? Run or Freeze?

Video : What are the other animals which caught our attention?

Kids relax and cool down at the water play area πŸ™‚

We are going to Zoo Hoo again. If you are asking us what is Zoo Hoo, do pop by our 2010 post. “Zoo Hoo” lets your child roleplay in the Zoo for one whole day !

Do take note Zoo Hoo only runs on the weekends, from 24Nov to 16Dec.
Gather more updates at this link –>

A few days after our trip, we heard news that Sheba, our tropical Polar Bear has died.
Kids were sad that such a beautiful creature is gone, RIP.

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