Fun at Austin Heights Water Adventure Park

Once exams are done, we might just hop over to Austin Heights Water Adventure Park to destress again.
Look at the kids, all young and adventurous, all of them posing in front of Yellow Wall.

(Please checkout our video below too)

You can ice skate and trampoline jump at Austin Heights & Adventure Park too. How many activities are they trying to squeeze into this complex?
austin heights Water Adventure4

大舅’s family will swim with us today. Are you ready for some thrills or to beat the heat?

Kids are wondering why Water Park so quiet haha. Feels like we had the pools and slides to ourselves 🙂
austin heights Water Adventure5

Please tell me this view is enchanting, for a moment, we forgot we are standing on a platform 5 or 6 storeys high.

The vast area around Taman Mount Austin is still quite undeveloped.
austin heights Water Adventure6

If your kiddos are adrenalin junkies, “Yellow Wall and SuperSurf” will keep them occupied whole day 🙂
Gif of “Yellow Wall” does not look scary or steep, but trust me when I tell you that dingy feels like overturning anytime haha!
Austin Heights Water Park Yellow Wall

(Tip: Scream or laugh, it does help to reduce anxiety haha!)
austin heights Water Adventure photos

“SuperSurf”, challenge each other and see who wins. Six to go. (Tip: to go fast, lay low)
austin heights Water Adventure slides

“Splash World” for the little ones, the bucket of water is complimentary. This playground is where kids play catcher.
austin heights Water Adventure suitable for toddlers

“Lazy River” is a wet and fun way to relax, but with our kids around, the currents will be turbulent :p
“Wave Pool” is fun too, ride the waves on your floats (not in photo)
austin heights Water Adventure7
austin heights Water Adventure

The other slides and features are on the map below (credit Austin Heights Adventure Park website)
Austin Heights Waterpark map

Video (link) – Photos and videos cannot convey the amount of FUN we enjoyed at Austin Heights Water Park

Steps are steep and tall, floats are heavy. A porter parent will be helpful. (hint hint to the Dads)
austin heights Water Adventure3

Prince 33, comfortable stay with walking distance to good food (all around). We will not hesitate to recommend Prince 33 to our friends.

*updated 2019 – Prince 33 might not be so desirable now. The Hotel stay is still decent, but you will not find parking lots anymore due to explosion of activities in Mount Austin
Prince 33

We will share more about Prince 33 and cafe-hopping in another post.
cafe hopping Mount Austin

Ticket Prices for Water park:
Adults (12 and above) – RM 118
Child (3 to 12) – RM 98

People will compare between Austin Heights Water Park or Legoland Waterpark.
a) Price-wise very similar
b) I would say Legoland is more suitable for the smaller kids, whereas Austin Heights are for bigger kids and teenagers (Read our Legoland review here)
c) Grab the combo-tickets for more value added experience

Additional tips :
– Food and snacks are not allowed inside the water park, but the canteen does serve decent Nasi Lemak and finger food (reasonably priced).
– Lockers (two sizes) are available for full day rental (unlimited)
– Hide your GoPro well, staff have strict orders to stop your GoPro-selfie down the tubes

– Austin Heights Water Adventure Park is just 5 min walk from Prince 33 hotel
– GPS 1.561601, 103.775655 (about 20km from Woodlands checkpoint)
– Look out for latest updates and promotions on their Website and Fanpage

More photos of Fun and Food uploaded on our Fanpage album.

photos taman mount austin

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Paddle Fest 2016 at Anchorvale CC

Look at Boon Kang’s smile, he had so much fun at PA Paddle Fest!
Tiring too, but a sense of achievement.
kayak tryout

We had signed up for PA PaddleFest at Anchorvale CC, I thought it would be cool to expose kids to kayaking, and at a neighbourhood river.
PA water venture

There are up to 20 other kayaks in our group expedition, most are newbies.
20160404 kayak paddlefest5

Boon Kang went with me on the expedition (about 1.5 hours including rest), Boon Yee and Xin went for the tryouts (30 to 45 minutes)
20160404 kayak paddlefest1

It was a novelty for us to paddle under the bridge (TPE expressway) or so close to the mangroves.
I have always wanted to bring the kids kayaking in MacRitchie or any other reservoirs, so glad I could join them!
20160404 kayak paddlefest2

Hello any otters out there?

If we have more time, Kang and me might even row up to Punggol Waterway point or Punggol Dam 🙂
20160404 kayak paddlefest3

Punggol Dam (a) and Waterway Point (b). Do pop by our cycling trip up Seletar North too.
Punggol river

Paddle Fun 🙂
Everyone seem to be very shy, but our clothes are always soaked from non-stop splashing haha :p
20160404 kayak paddlefest4

Obstacle course, abseiling, rappelling and more carnival activities to engage families.
20160404 kayak paddlefest

Video (Video Link) : Paddle Fun, kids love kayaking 🙂

Clear blue sky, cool water, we cannot wait for the next water venture. Do pop by Fanpage PA WaterVenture for the next event on the 24th April Marina Bay 🙂
PA Water-venture

Addition tips :
– PA Water Venture kayak tryout events are free
– Future events will be posted on PA Water-Venture Fanpage, next one 24th April.

– Do bring a bottle of mineral water with you, we were quite thirsty after one hour of paddeling
– Apply generous amount of suntan lotion, cool down by splashing water

Our inaugural kayaking was at Anchorvale Community Centre:
– Nearest LRT is Farmway and GPS 1.396993, 103.886839

More paddle Fun photos uploaded on our Fanpage album, Dragonboating next round?