Board game Risk – my childhood game

Enemy of enemy is a Friend.
No friends and enemy are permanent.
Alliances are worthless when there are conflicts of interest.

Be it Strategy, Treachery or pure luck.
Everyone had fun with Hasbro’s Board Game Risk.

Thanks to Hasbro, we need not buy extra Christmas gifts for year end. Guys got the guns and robots, while girl had more choices! (MyLittlePony, Playdoh and such).
Boon Xin is a very happy girl.

I was looking forward to my childhood game, Risk! Used to spend so much wonderful hours challenging and beating my old neighbours.

We can see the kids’ characters when they play the board game Risk.
Some hate to lose, some always boasts :p
They are upset when someone betray them, or deny them a continent haha!

Some life skills can be imparted during the game too.
– Think one step ahead. What if Neighbour change card and Attack?
– Have a Plan B, in case things (dice throw) do not go your way
– Attack the strongest, eliminate the weakest, then no2 and no3 can contest each other

I got interested in Geography through Risk. Where are you, Siam, Mongolia, and Siberia etc etc?
Go on, take a Risk with the little ones, I am sure there will be some tense moments but kids should enjoy the game 🙂

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More toys and events can be found on Hasbro website.

Hasbro Doh Vinci Vanity Desk for our princess

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A girl has to do what she has to do. Thanks to Hasbro, Boon Xin was gifted her first vanity desk. Daddy assumed most gals needs their own vanity desk to makeup and doll herself up.


But Hasbro’s Doh Vinci Vanity Desk is special, it allows us to decorate our desk too!
Works like playdoh, and in a few simple step, Boon Xin can choose her own colour and 3D designs.

Video : Mummy and daughter bonding over Hasbro Doh Vinci

Sometimes Boon Xin gets impatient, and she wants to customised her vanity desk before we apply the colours (deco pop).

Her vanity set. Pick your own design, there are various “art boards” to choose from.

3D art designs of Flowers and butterflies anyone?
vanity desk

Pop in your favourite colours into the “styler”, and squeeze onto the art-board.

The compound will hardens overnight.

Butterflies, flowers, and even a kitty for kids to decorate.

Lastly, paste the completed art-boards onto Hasbro Vanity desk (or mirror).

There is a drawer for Boon Xin to keep her goodies too.

A vanity desk is incomplete without the lipsticks, mascara, and eyeliner. Incidentally, that’s about everything in Daddy’s cosmetic vocabulary. Fortunately, we have Mummy to guide Boon Xin on the final touches.

Hasbro Doh Vinci (and accessories) is available at all Toys’R’Us and major department stores. (Retail price $39.90)

Thank you Hasbro, for providing a Fun opportunity for Mummy to bond with our little princess. Daddy is happy that she has another girly toy, other than (more) guns and balls :p

Do pop by Hasbro website for more creative inspirations from Doh Vinci.