Heart Studio Chipmunks and Zombie

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You are not seeing double, both kids drew Alvin Chipmunk at Heart Studio ๐Ÿ™‚
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From a whiteboard, kids choose their desired cartoon, and teachers will draw out the outline. Teacher Erma and Jay (not in photo) are passionate, and kids really enjoy their sessions.
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Alvin for him and Alvin for her.
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It is not easy to paint Alvin, especially his face. Kids find it tough to apply tones to different part of Chipmunk’s face. Proud of the kids’ achievement, they finished their masterpiece with a lot of encouragement from teachers.
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The older kids’ classes stretches over three hours (school holiday specials), giving me a lot of time to browse Heart Studio’s gallery. Stormtrooper looks pretty cool!
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Love the drawing of Singapore’s skyline. Never mind if Merlion is at wrong location, Arts is all about expression and creativity.

Round 2 for Boon Kang, “Plants and Zombie”. He wanted Starwars’ Bobafett initially, but my schedule crashed. We slot him into Plant and Zombie workshop ๐Ÿ™‚
heart studio Plant and Zombie

Boon Kang’s Zombie has fused with a pirate. His Zombie is not scary at all, and he told me his Zombie is one of the higher-ranked Walking Dead (in the game).

I thought the parrot looks very abstract and has a 3D feel.

Of all our kids, Boon Kang is the most creative and patient. The other boys are restless and more into sports. He always look forward to more Heart Studio workshops ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for the Fun invite, Heart Studio!
Our previous workshops are tag under “heART Studio“.
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heART Studio – Teaching Art from the Heart
Do pop by their website and fanpage for the latest activities.

Heart Studio holiday programs

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Most kids love to draw and doodle as it allows them to express their imagination.
During September holiday, we were happy to be invited to heART Studio holiday programs.

And this is what the kids have to show after 3 hours (two pokemons and one tooth fairy).

Boon Xin with her Tooth Fairy.

And the two boys with their favourite Pokemon characters. Daddy love the classroom’s 3D effect of the meadow and window too.

The two boys have signed up for heART Studio’s Pokemon session (School holiday programs). After they have selected their favourite characters, teachers will coach them to draw the outline before applying the colour.

Boon Xin in her Tooth Fairy class. She must have enjoy her class as she was smiling throughout ๐Ÿ™‚

heArt Studio looks like a mini art gallery. Every classroom is named after a famous artist.

Kids displaying their masterpiece for Daddy to admire. Daddy is impressed !

Laughter and giggling constantly came from the boys’ class. They are really enjoying their class. It helps that their teachers are all friendly and approachable.
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heART Studio is also offering cartoon classes like Ironman and Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. These workshops (3 hour each) are only available during school holidays.

heART Studio – Teaching Art from the Heart
Do pop by their website and fanpage for the latest activities.