Big Hero 6, give us a HUG!

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Such a cute candy floss, no wonder Hiro and BayMax could not resist glancing our way.
Baymax kids activities

We were at Big Hero 6’s movie preview screening last Sat. And SengkangBabies can now recite BayMax’s introduction “Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.

When the kids are not shouting “OUCH” to activate BayMax, or “counting 1 to 10” (hahaha), we are enjoying our balloons, and BayMax fringe activities.

Everyone has a soft spot for BayMax, before and after his red armour suit, with or without his Karate chops. BayMax is part of “Big Hero 6”, and the crew secures your affection with their funny dialogue and special effects (without you realising)

Just watch how BayMax release air, or walk sideway clumsily. Pretty amazing, considering this Robot has no nose and mouth.

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Although BayMax and Hiro are the key actors, Daddy’s favourite is Fred. This funny chap always seems out of place, especially when he wears his monster costume πŸ™‚

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Video Official Trailer: Let BayMax gives you a scan, ooops we meant preview :p

In quick summary, Hiro started his journey at “Nerd” school, where Big Hero 6 was born.
The movie revolves around a few themes:
Friendship and support, sibling love, companionship, fighting for justice, we all love how the “Big Hero 6” team overcomes their obstacles to triumph over evil.

Wherever Hiro goes, whatever can “heal” Hiro, BayMax stays by his side and help.
BayMax even brought some tears to the viewers at the end (will not reveal too much here)

Boon Yee and his favourite companion, and he still insists BayMax looks like a snowman.
We hope he understands that siblings must always support each other πŸ™‚

Big Hero 6 will start rocking Singapore from 13th Nov, we are strongly recommending your family to start the school holidays with a big hug from BayMax πŸ™‚

Video : BayMax Hug, show support for the people you care about

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