Holiday recommendations during school vacation

In one week, kids will enjoy their school holidays again. We hope teachers will not pile too much homework for kids before the break :p

Let SengkangBabies share our “Holiday Fun” with you.
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School holidays does not mean we need to travel, our fanpage photo albums are packed with adventures to keep your kids occupied πŸ™‚
You might wish to pop by some of Singapore’s interesting places.

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If you need Holidays, maybe Taiwan and GoldCoast ?

Somewhere nearer, Malaysia is always value for money.
Penang lok lok
Melaka Chendol, we just discover a kid’s haven !
Genting themeparks

What about Cameron Highlands?

Traveling in Malaysia is definitely cheaper then Singapore πŸ™‚
We were in Resort World’s Festive Hotel earlier (yet to blog).

Counting down.. we got a date with Minnie Mouse and Doraemon soon πŸ™‚
Stay tune for more Fun from Sengkang’s Babies.

All Holiday albums can be found at our Fanpage, except for GoldCoast and Genting (which is under Daddy’s facebook)

* Driving tips for Malaysia