Gaya Island Family activities

Bliss, our Gaya Island family escapade. Do not disturb our sleeping beauty.

Gaya Island family
Gaya Island family

We are near the tail end of our holidays. Our bodies are tired after all the climbs, swims, rafting and snorkeling, read about our Fun (Sabah 8D7N itinerary.)

Before we introduce you to sensuous massage at Gaya Island Resort (GIR)’s Spa village, let us share some of the family friendly activities at GIR (Gaya Day 1 facilities listed here).

Gaya Island family activities
Gaya Island family activities

Gaya Island family Activities for the day πŸ™‚

… Swimming!

Whether you are swimming, diving, or simply resting on the deck chair. Chill πŸ™‚
Listen to the swaying idyllic trees behind, and the waves lapping infront, close your eyes.
Gaya Island Resort swimming

I hope our kids were not too loud for the guests haha πŸ™‚

Video (link) : Gaya Island family activities, our water babies went to the pool everyday

We were very fortunate throughout our Sabah trip. It is supposed to be the rainy season, but we always complete our itinerary before the rain! Even Gaya Island Resort’s downpour did not affect our sunny sea activities yeah!

… experience Borneo Lifestyle

Eat, drink play, traditional Borneo way of life, right by the Beach (Singgah Singgarung).
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities6

You can relax on hammock, pick a dance routine, or play sepak takaw. Guests and staff mingle together, Happy Hour πŸ™‚
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities5

Henna or leaf-weaving anyone? The “grasshoppers and fishes” look real πŸ™‚
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities4

… Hiking

On our last day, I brought the boys on a 1-hour Guided Nature Walk. We were introduced to Gaya Island’s flora and fauna. Our guide told us that Gaya Island used to be under the sea a long time ago, we can still spot white sand along the trail.

Termite colony, river stream, all part of Gaya Island’s protected Nature reserve.
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities9

Smell the bark, incense (for temples) is crafted from these bark πŸ™‚
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities7

Our guide (Jamie) introduced us to Tongkat Ali and Rattan.

Kids look blur when I told them Tongkat Ali is aphrodisiac, so I told them make man more powerful (grin).
Rattan need no introduction, they straight away answer “cane” hee hee.

On a lighter note, Angle head lizards spotted camouflaged along the stem.
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities8

Although it is only a short 1 hour walk, the steps are steep and narrow. I calculated 3000 steps up and down, and 20 stairs worth of elevation.

Our view at the exit point, Mount Kinabalu is hiding behind the clouds.

… SPA Village

With so much activities, our body needs a soothing rub.
Lush greenery, Spa Village is surrounded by trees and mangroves, a sanctuary.
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities2

Pampered like a Queen πŸ™‚

The treatment and massage session, relaxing, sensuous and therapeutic.

Salt scrub, herbal bath, and a cool orchid soak. All the ingredients are from Gunung (Mountain) Kinabalu. This is followed by body steaming, infuse herbal blend of the many gingers from the rainforest.
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities1

Shiok, Detox. Soothe those taut muscles. Mummy is one happy customer πŸ™‚
Gaya Island Resort massage and spa

We leave the best for last, next us is snorkeling.
kiss choo

Gaya Island Resort allows you to do everything, or simply just relax. We could not ask for a better way to chill and relax after 5D4N of activities in western Sabah. Do pop by our Sabah itinerary and photos below:

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*All expenses on Gaya Island Resort had been sponsored.