Hong Kong Day 5 – Food streets

In Hong Kong, you can find food, tarts, snacks, desserts literary at every corners ! Be it food streets or street food, we are spoilt for choices !

What about egg tarts, char-siew sou or po-lor bun (pineapple) for breakfast? Yummy !

In the evening, we can always rely on the delicious dessert stalls nearby. We indulge in sweet stuffs every night 🙂

With our hotel Shamrock’s central location, the public transport (Train and Bus) serves us well. We can always reach good decent food within 10min walk in any direction !

Traditional Hongkong breakfast are those we see in dramas. Congee, fried fritters (you tiao), Zhu Chang Fen, and bee hoon 🙂

We finish all our porridge.

The streets are always so colourful and full of life.

More breakfast and lunch options.

Even 7-11 got an impressive range of food to cater to everyone. Just pre-heat and enjoy.

After lunch, we got a train to catch. Hello, Mickey, here we come !

Our 6D5N itinerary.. do come back for more updates.
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