Hong Kong family itinerary – Bloggers’ review

1999, Daddy can still remember his delicious mango pudding from a decade ago.
Daddy and Mummy came to Hongkong (香港) 13 years ago, and SengkangBabies were not manufactured yet.

Our kids will be shopping and eating and enjoying themselves (we hope) this Sep holidays. Daddy ask a few friends to share the happening spots in Hong Kong (HK).

Daddy would like to show the kids why Ocean Park is still happening, even though it was constructed in 1977 !

–> If CheekieMunkies love it, we should too 🙂

Be it shopping in the malls or in the famous Temple or Ladies’ streets, some degree of bargaining helps.

–> We have printed Ai Sakura’s instruction menu :p

When we arrive 13 years ago, the airport was brand new !
Who would have thought a cable car (Ngong Ping 360) would be constructed to reach Buddha?

–> Kelvin (nivlek) and family likes see-through cable-car thrills !

Why did Mickey and Minnie follow Disneyland to Lantau, which is a remote island?

We heard Toy Story has invaded the island too !

–> Listen to Daphne (MotherInc) and Edmund (EdUnloaded) tell us why Disney is a dreamland, where kids (and sometimes adults) live their dREAmS !!

Talking about remote, a Rockstar told Daddy there is a happening wetland_park deep inside New Territories !

–> Aileen’s kids (RaisingRockStar) love the idea of outdoor edutainment.

Did we mention our friend Mr Goose is also waiting for us?
Beef noodles, por-loh (pineapple) Bun, Daddy is salivating already.

Daddy’s No 1 list on the itinerary is actually a Robot cat, who is only supposed to arrive in the year 2112!

–> Yes, Grace (Working with Grace) told us Hong Kong is celebrating Doraemon’s birth 100 years before ! Click for Doraemon Fanpage.

If you have spare energy, climb The Peak and visit Madam Tussaud‘s residence. We can hug Lady GaGa, and say hello to the other famous Mr Lee (MM). If weather permits, we hope to catch the magnificent “Hong Kong and Kowloon skylines” flanking Victoria Harbour.

Thanks to our blogger friends, we can already anticipate the FUN awaiting us in Hong Kong ! Thank you for sharing your photos and magical experiences 🙂

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**updated 2012 Sep 14 – our 6d5N itinerary is up
–> https://sengkangbabies.com/holiday/hong-kong-family-itinerary/