Winter Fun at 2 Degree Ice Art

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Our boys have turned into Eskimos.

We were invited to 2 Degree Ice Art last Fri.
Temperature at 2 Degree Ice Art is kept at a freezing -15 Degrees !

2 Degree Ice Art is situated next to Marina Bay Sands, Downtown Line’s BayFront Exit A.
Ice Art location, Ice Art contact, Ice Art opening hours

Gloves and Jackets are a must. Every ticket purchased comes with a pair of gloves, and you can rent the jacket at $5 each.

The little ones look so CUTE with their oversize jackets.
is it cold for kids at 2 degree

Normally, these outfits will be more suitable for colder climate, maybe Harbin.
Well 2 Degree Ice Art has brought Winter to Singapore from now till May 2014.

We have not been to cold countries before, so the whole experience was surreal. We can see our breathe when we exhale. Walking along with the thick jackets feel weird, especially when Boon Xin’s jacket can almost touch the floor haha (too cute).

Famous landmarks greeted us along the path.
cold temperature ice art

Eiffel Tower and Big Ben.
Ice scultures

In this cold -15 Degrees, it is easy to forget we are still in tropical humid Singapore. The thermostat must measure 30 degrees outside the wall !

Welcome to our Winter Wonderland“.

We do not need 15 minutes before we can feel the chill sneaking into our jacket and we start rubbing our palms. Fortunately, active kids will stay warm with constant running and jumping.

Parents need not worry about them slipping, as the whole premise is carpeted.
Slipping and sliding at the children’s playground is part of the Fun :p

Not Snow ball, but this ice flecks are equally fun. We heard there is a snow-making machine too, it must be quite a sight! (Snow will flutter at 11.30am, 4.30pm and 7pm)
Ice art jacket rental, Ice art jacket rental price

You might be interested in the behemoth efforts needed to run the Winter Wonderland, the logistics and operations.

(image credit 2 Degree Ice Art)

Christmas is just over, but Santa and his Reindeers are in no hurry to rush back to Polaris.

Egyptian icons are on display too.

We hope that boy (From Belgium) realised he should not pee outdoor in such cold weather as his urine might freeze ? Some interesting reading here.

Dinosaurs from the Ice ages, we found Godzilla too.

The highlight at 2 Degree Ice Art must be the playground, carved out from blocks of ice ! We can literally follow the sound of Fun and laughter to reach the slides.

Before we can brief the kids, they are already sliding down cheerfully haha.

It is more Fun when siblings daisy-chain and go down together πŸ™‚
The jacket will provide some butt insulation from the ice.

Climbing up and down the stairs, heaving the Big float is definitely one way to warm up the kids.
children float for Ice slide

1, 2, 3 challenge each other to the foot.

Video : Do check out our sliding fun on this Video clip.

How can we miss family bonding opportunities at every block of ice. There are about 30 blocks of iconic sculptures around the premise.

Hugging keep each other warm too πŸ™‚
2 degree ice art, ice art exhibition
Winter wear for Ice art, Dress code for 2 degree ice art

Anybody game for Happy Hour at -15 Degrees? You can then smash your mug into a wall.
Ice Bar happy hour
(image credit 2 Degree Ice Art )

We figure the slides would be more fun for kiddos, Round 2 of FUN.
slides at Ice Art

.. and more floats…

Kids fun activities at Ice Art

We took one more photo before we left the chiller. We could barely last beyond one hour… Boon Xin kept saying she is cold hee hee.

Look at their Rosy cheeks !
Fun activities for kids at ice exhibition

A cup of hot Milo will be most welcomed. The temperature at the holding area is a cool 20 degrees, but we are already immune πŸ™‚
2 degree ice art f&B, warm food 2 degree ice art, price of food at 2 degree ice art

Additional info :

1) Camera equipment will definitely be affected by condensation, read here for some protection measures. Unless you stay at the holding area longer (maybe a few hours), it is hard to prevent condensation due to the big contrast in temperature (-15 and 30 degrees)

2) Our gloved fingers struggle to press the shutter or camera button on both our camera and smartphones

3) If you wish to ask us whether we enjoy our trip, just ask Boon Yee. This is one Birthday trip he will not forget easily.

We would like to thanks 2 Degree Ice Art for the cool invitation. More cold photos from our adventure has been uploaded on our Fanpage album.

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Website and Fanpage
– Phone 6288 6656
– opening hours 10am to 10pm

– Adults – $32
– Child (9 and above) – $26
* Children below 9 years old or under 1.2m tall enters for free with at least one paying adult

Student pass – promotion price of $22 until end 2013
Passion card – 10% discount

– Jacket rental $5
– Hourly carpark $3

More pricing details on 2Degrees website.

ps.. interested in more ice activity? Try Jcube’s ice skating