Cupcakes from Play-Doh

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At every birthday parties, cupcakes never cease to attract kids’ attention. The design is always packed with cute cartoons. What if we can make our own cupcakes?

Play-Doh offered us an opportunity to review their “Frosting Fun Bakery Set”. Cookies, pastries, and yes Cupcakes.

Our station comes with a cake-stamping and frosting station. Kids just need to squeeze down to form their own designs.

We can cut the doh compound into Heart or Star shapes.

Watch the Swirl slowly oozes onto the cookies ! There are many more realistic designs and decorations, just let your imagination runs wild.

Initially, we only ask Boon Yee (6) and Boon Xin (4) to design the cookies, but the older boys find the baking session irresistible and join in the fun. (age 3+)

Even our boys are interested in “Home Econs” class now :p
Our boys who are undergoing exam preparations enjoy the “therapeutic” effect of molding their own sweet creations.

PLAY-DOH Sweet Shoppe FROSTING FUN BAKERY Playset is retailing at Toys’r Us and major departments for S$24.90.

Unfortunately, we have not perfected our baking skills yet, Play-Doh is asking you to pop by their website for more delicious cupcakes and FUN recipes 🙂

Be warned, baking is very addictive. We love Mummy’s Oreo cheesecake and Mummy have to redo a few times before getting the process correct.

With Play-Doh, learning to bake is so much more easier, and FUN !
来来来, 做蛋糕了 🙂

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