Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty

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To celebrate the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie, a new set of Ninjago kits were released. We were gifted the awesome Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty.

I had wanted to build the boat the boat with the kids over the weekend, but kids were addicted and constructed the boats in under 5 days!

I would prefer Lego over Smartphones any day 🙂

Working hand in hand, one person took charge of one section. We see the sections connecting, from sampan upsize to boat and then a full scale old Chinese junk ship.

This ship would not sail without teamwork and collaboration. I understand from Mum that the kids managed to solve all the constructions between themselves, with minimum supervision.

5 days, 2200+ pieces, weighing a hefty 2.7kg.

Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty is an impressive ship!  No one would dare to disturb the heavily armed Ninjas.

Ninjago Destiny's Bounty
Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty

What we like about Lego is the simple yet detailed instructions. Kids can always celebrate a mini milestone, before embarking on the next segment.

Kids are learning about Project Management, the Lego way 🙂
Breaking down complex tasks into digestible modules.

Ahoy, these anchors can really move!


The honorable Sensei with his staff and Jay checking out the lavatory :p (comes with toilet paper too!)


Video (YouTube link) : Checkout how Ninjago Destiny Bounty sails the sea and its hidden compartments!

Ninjago Destiny Bounty in details. There are certainly a lot of corners for the Ninjago characters to hide.

Zane never miss with his crossbow.


Cole looked intimidating with his sledge hammer!

Ship “commander” Nya standing right at the tip of the bow.


Lloyd keeping watch, ready to drop anchor.

Kai steering the ship.


All the Ninjagos are in good hands, and we trusted engineer Boon Xin to construct a robust and strong boat.


Ninjago Movie premieres from 28 Sep 2017, and this is a short trailer. The soundtrack “Bad Blood” rocks!

From 28 August to 10 September (11am to 9pm), head down to Plaza Singapura to attempt to defeat evil Warlord Garmadon!

Video (YouTube Link): #NinjagoChallenge preview

This event is open to all Lego Ninjago fans, do pop by Lego Facebook for the latest updates.


Father’s Day – achievement unlocked

Since becoming a Dad, every action and plan we had was always centered around the kids.
This Father’s Day weekend, I have unlocked another achievement, Boon Xin is now 90% confident of handling a bike.

Yeah! This means we can indulge in our family outing on wheels around the neighbourhood.
Xin cycling

Video (Link) : She is cycling, almost.

Perhaps our sponsors know our lifestyle is a bit too mundane for Father’s Day :p
Our weekend was a bit more special thanks to their cake and toys 🙂

Thank you Cedele for their wonderful German Chocolate Cake.
Cedele father's day cake

Dads love Nerf Guns too, not only kids. They were grumpy when I ask whether I can own the Crossbolt gift from Hasbro wahaha. Hasbro knew I was the underdog during our last Nerfgun war at Sengkang.

Checkout Crossbolt video here.
Nerf Gun

Lego, Ninja = Ninjago. Lego always offer a Fun opportunity for parents and kids to bond. (From now till 28 June, pop by Raffles City Atrium for some Lego Fun)
Ninjago lego

To me, Father’s Day is just another day, Fatherhood need not be about Fun and excitement, and I do not expect anything in return. I just hope to be there for the kids when they need me.

Many Dads out there are performing their duty silently, I belong to the group who show their love and affection through their actions, not hugs or kisses.

This Father’s Day, while we celebrate, do spare a moment for the Dads who lose their child in the recent Sabah earthquake. Words cannot express the anguish of losing a child.