Short holidays Malaysia

March holidays would be upon us in 2 weeks.
If you are looking for a holiday nearby, our neighbour Malaysia has plenty to offer.

It is convenient to drive up, the exchange rates are flavourable, and SengkangBabies got some family-friendly destinations (and food) for your research.

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a) Annual Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon is back, if you fancy getting up close to cartoon Hot Air balloons, mark your calender 27-30Mar.

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when is Malaysia Hot Air balloon

b) Extend one day in Petaling Jaya (KL), because you wish to see kids play and work at Kidzania. Our kids are asking when they can go back and diy their own ice creams again !

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Kidzania Kuala Lumpur

Nearer to Singapore, if you only have 1 day or night to spare.

c) Legoland is the overwhelming choice, no thanks to their constant TV ads bombardment. Kids understand “School holidays= Legoland”!

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Legoland promotions

Legoland is running a “Kids Go Free promotion” from now till 13Mar2014.
Standard Annual Pass holders will receive 25% off room booking and Premium Annual Pass holders will be entitled up to 30% off for call bookings.

Promotion is at this link but we suspect weekends are already fully booked.

*Room size for your consideration
– Theme & Premium (3adults + 2children or 2adults + 3children)
– Deluxe and Suite (4adults + 4children or 2adults + 6children)

Legoland school holiday promotion

d) If you prefer somewhere quite and nearer to the beach, and maybe some seafood, try Desaru !

You have Crocodile, Fruit farms, Ostrichs and seafood all within 30min drive. We recommend a stay at the budget but convenient Lotus Desaru.

The slides at Lotus might not be as thrilling as Legoland’s, but it still provides countless hours of Fun for our family. Click to read our Farm and seafood tours.
Desaru family activities

e) If you just wish to satisfy your food cravings, read our Johor Food Trail and KSL Pasar Malam! Cheap and delicious, do we really need more reasons?
Good food Johor

We understand some families are still apprehensive about driving and holidaying in Malaysia, do pop by our Driving and GPS tips.

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Desaru 迪沙鲁 day 1

The nearest resort in Malaysia could very well be Desaru. In fact, when we talk about Desaru, Lotus and seafood always come into the picture.

Together with 大舅’s family, we were at Lotus Desaru for a 3D2N holiday during school holidays.

There is a new expressway to Desaru. Just head towards Kota Tingi, follow Desaru signboard. Once you reach “E22” expressway, it means Desaru FUN is about 70 km away 🙂 The journey took us one hour from Malaysia custom.

This has shaved 1 hour off the old-route. We got a google map on our Desaru Itinerary post.

We book the two-bedroom unit at Lotus for it’s spaciousness.

A pool view would definitely be more enchanting.

Earlier, while the adults are checking into our room at the lobby, kids could not contain their excitement as the maps indicate swimming pools everywhere !

Lotus Desaru consists of a few blocks, you will need a jeepney to travel in between the blocks.

The kids do not mind 🙂

In the afternoon, we start our Fun with Lazy River.

Video : Only the video can show you how much Fun we had!

The pool. Everyone from the Lazy River will be dumped here.

** Do take note that adult should follow if the kid is a non-swimmer. The exit point of the slide have some strong currents, and are often congested. Kids might crash into someone else and the current might churn the kids round and round.

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You must try the Coconut. The husk will pour gallons of water onto you ! There is a children playground, but we will recommend that smaller kids avoid the slide. Too steep and fast, we have seen kids slide and land with a big thud :p

We promised this simple slide next to COCONUT will be interesting too. It is suitable for children all ages. Kids love to go down the slide in a convoy !

Boon Xin kept covering her hands before impact. Hillarious !

The “waterfall” at the pool is always popular. Xin and Yi like to shower under the water streams.

In the evening, we decided to drove out for seafood dinner. Do take note Sungei Renggit is the nearest town with decent seafood. It is 28Km, 30min away, and road is dark, with pot holes. There are certain stretches where we cannot even see the center divider, high beam away 🙂

Otherwise, once you reach Sungei Renggit, just look for any restaurant with customers. We were clueless too, and we end up with Jade (*updated 2014Dec – On our second trip, we found a Jade Garden but it seems to have been upgraded to an aircon restaurant, we ended up with “Beautiful Village”)

Our dinner was very Satisfying 🙂 Daddy was curious why most restaurant is recommended by Singapore’s Channel U?

Kids looking at their seafood, before and after. Did I ate that lobster?

More updates can be found at Lotus Desaru website.

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Day 1 – Lotus Desaru checkin, Seafood dinner Sungei Renggit
Day 2 – Fruit Farm, Ostrich Farm, Firefly (Day 2pm and Day 3 not blog yet, only photos)
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