uPicnic photos

uPicnic, we picnicked, we join hundreds other families at Marina Barrage Rooftop last Sat. We had blogged about uFamilys’ Picnic two weeks back.

The carpark was full when we arrive, so many happy families ! From babies to grandparents, everyone is participating. Unfortunately, Mummy was going to meet her secondary schoolmates, and could not join us.

We bump into Kelvin (CheekieMonkie) and Ai (Sakura), but Daddy could not look for more friends, as he is worried the kids will start playing “hide and seek” !

We did enjoyed ourselves, indulging in bubbles and snacks. The weather was splendid, ideal for family outings 🙂

Talking about food, Daddy thought he could get fried rice or some fries at the venue. Fortunately, Kelvin sponsored some sandwiches for us.

Meanwhile, Boon Xin and Boon Yi got chatty with their picnic neighbours. Before you can greet “Hello“, our kids were helping themselves to their new-friends’ picnic basket ! Daddy noticed their snacks even upsize from “peas to prawn crackers” !

Our kids are definitely not Shy haha, thank you neighbours 🙂

There are other activities like face painting, balloon sculpting, but we stick with bubbles. Actually Daddy could not afford to bring four kids to venture around, or queue up :p

Who do not like Bubbles ? (Read our bubbles stories bubbles1, bubbles2)

The revelers “party” till the sun set, and went on to set a Singapore record.
Everyone had to do a “U” and stay motionless for one minute.

Did we have Fun with outdoor picnic? uBet !

We would like to thanks the team from uFamily and MNC for inviting us to the picnic 🙂

Video : We even participated in a Singapore Record to garner “the Most Number of Freeze”.

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U Picnic Tickets giveaway

This is not any ordinary Sunday picnic. You can expect hundreds of families to crowd Marina Barrage. U Picnic will be held in the late afternoon, not morning 🙂

We will be hanging around with our buddies, and we hope more families can join in.
The event tickets have already sold out, but we got two extra tickets to giveaway (Ticket value is $30 Non-NTUC member, and $15 NTUC member. Each ticket allows for four entries.).

Tickets giveaway conditions :
1. Pop over and “Like” fanpage SengkangBabies and UFamily
2. On SengkangBabies fanpage, scroll down to 17Aug’s U Picnic entry, and just leave your name.
3. Two Winners will be randomly picked on 23rd Sep 11pm.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Event : U Picnic
Date : 06Oct
Time : from 5pm to 9pm
Venue : Marina Barrage

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Activities and Contests :
– Jack and Rai band performance
– Musical extravaganza
– U Picnic record breaking mass freeze frame activity
– Story telling
– Synchronized kite flying performance

Contest winners will stand to win attractive hampers.
1) Best Dressed Family Contest
2) Most Creative Picnic Setup Contest
3) “Best Family Moments” Photograph Contest
4) U Picnic Family Challenge

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
For those who have already purchased the tickets, it does come with a picnic basket (full of goodies). More importantly, U Picnic wants families and friends to just enjoy a Picnic outing.

credit. Poster taken from http://www.ufamily.org.sg