Tourists in Orchard Road

If you are a Tourist in Orchard and you need directions, Visitors Centres will be able to assist. We are enjoying the second day of our Staycation at Grand Park Orchard, play acting as tourists.

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Singapore Tourism

Before that, we enjoyed our complimentary buffet breakfast at 8.30am. We can afford to linger on bed longer on a weekend. Boon Kang helping his siblings to cut up the hotdogs and bacon.

Boon Wee wished to let you know that the Mee Siam is good.

Breakfast with a view. Kids enjoying their breakfast and viewing Orchard Road street life.

We decided to tour Orchard Road’s backyard as Daddy had heard about NSS’ efforts to cultivate butterflies friend plants. The boys should enjoy outdoor Fun compared to shopping at Wisma or Takashimaya.

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(image credit NSS)

Takashimaya from another angle, and scape playground
Why Orchard road no more butterflies

Instead of butterflies, we found brown leaves and withered leaves, thanks to the recent drought. It must have a dire impact on the butterflies’ population.

We did see a lot of Captain America posters in Orchard Road.

We pop by Visitor’s Centre (first picture) for some orientation about Singapore. Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam, these ethnic enclaves are recommended for tourists to soak in Singapore’s multi-racial society.

You can get ideas about Singapore itinerary, or you can send some authentic postcards, and win great prizes along the way too πŸ™‚

If kids need additional entertainment, we can always borrow Dvd from concierge.

Back at the hotel’s waterhole, it would be cool if we can have some cocktail (or ice milo) at Bar Canary, but Daddy said we are under-aged, no liquor.

We bid farewell to our 2D1N stay at Grand Park Orchard.

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