nParks’ Nostalgic Playset @Raffles Place

Imagine Daddy’s surprise when he pops out from Raffles MRT today, to see his childhood Swings, See-saws and even Merry-Go-Round !

Curious passer-by were already trying out the sandy playground, relieving their memories, and getting a dose of nostalgia.

If the boss is not around, Daddy does not mind lazing on the couch.
In the twilight, couples can indulge in each other’s company.

After picking their grandchildren from nearby childcare centers, Grandparents might visit the playsets too. Playgrounds are for everyone young-at-heart πŸ™‚

** snap finger and wakeup **

Daddy suddenly remembers we are not talking about the playgrounds in the usual parks or gardens, we are at Raffles Place Park, the heart of Singapore CBD (Central Business District). We played with the Tongkang sculture back in 2009 πŸ™‚

This year, nParks is celebrating 50 years of Greening.
In 1963, former PM Lee Kuan Yew lay the seed for our Tree-planting culture, starting the campaign to “GREEN” Singapore.

Raffles Place is the stage for “Playsets of Yesteryears”. The old playground hopes to invoke a sense of nostalgia, and relive some of our memories from the 70s and 80s.

In the weeks ahead, you can participate in Yoga, picnic and other activities. Hey, we can even signup to plant 1,963 trees from Jun to Nov !

During our media tour, Ms Latif told us more about each garden’s history. Please pop by Singapore-Memory’s section on irememberParks for more stories πŸ™‚

Video – Raffles Place playground

Go on, fly that paper-eagle, kick that shuttlecock or even munch the kacang-puteh πŸ™‚

There is even a biscuit-tin lookalike letterbox to deposit your memories.

From now till 31Mar, snap yourself having fun at Raffles Place’s playsets and stand to win a limited edition Nets FlashPay card.

Create your own cute and endearing experience, at Raffles Place Park.
(Cute models in photo below are not included)

While roaming around the park, we can compare Raffles place today and yesteryears.

You do not have to rush down to Raffles Place, as the roving exhibit will be at Raffles Place Park for the next two months, before rotating to another park πŸ™‚

We love this “creative and fun” initiative by nParks, engaging the community in shared memories πŸ™‚
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