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We got a chance to review Snapask recently, Snapask is an online Tutor app.
Tutor in your pocket

You might be asking why do we need Snapask (or tuition) in the first place? The truth is we parents sometimes struggle with kids’ assignments.

Some schools are organising “orientation classes” to help parents understand and cope with kids’ questions!

It is either we fail to understand the question, or our “old” method will confuse the kids.
One good example would be algebra and modeling. Both can solve Maths problem, but kids will be hopelessly confused if I try to teach them Algebra (instead of modelling).

Let us share some of Snapask “Snap and Ask” app’s cool features.
Grab the app from Apple or Android store.
snapask app

My worst subject in school was history, so much memory work!

Snapask app offers a total of 11 subjects and 5 different curricula to choose from, quite comprehensive.
I would gladly let an expert handle Boon Wee’s Biology or History questions 🙂
snapask subjects

Snap and pose your (Maths) question. It is that simple!

We submitted a P6 Maths question at 7.30 in the morning, and a tutor (Roxxxx from NTU) picked up our question within a minute! (feels like UBER taxi app haha !)

We heard up to 3000 experienced tutors are on demand!
But we were curious about how Snapask guarantee the quality and passion of the “online” tutors?

We understand that Snapask vets and set a high benchmark for their tutors, so parents should be able to trust the quality of the tutors.

Back to Roxxxx our Maths tutor, after a series of chat, he provided an answer and steps for us. He even offered to elaborate if we are not clear. I love the one to one personalised experience, compared to study group.

If kids are engaged, they will be more motivated to learn.

When we first start the app, we have 3 free sessions. One session costs about SGD $2. We can always topup through in-app purchase (both on GooglePlay and iOS) and Bank Transfer (iBanking/ATM).


If you find Snapask helpful, this is how you can top up your credits.
(Do take note of three months expiry for credits)

=== === ===
$12 for 5 sessions

$30 for 15 sessions

$80 for UNLIMITED sessions

*Each subscription pack is for a month
**Premium Pack subscription comes with a 7 days free trial, so you can try it first
=== === ===

Boon Wee is happy with his tutor app. I found the app innovative and convenient.

If you are a working parent, coaching is really tiring after a hard day’s work. I would not mind trying out Snapask on more occasions.

The “instant” homework help from online tutors might buy parents additional time. We parents need not crack our brain trying to understand a question. Hopefully, kids can finish their assignments faster, so that they can have more free time (or sleep earlier).

We are not proposing that tutoring is the way to go, but if we really need help, try Snapask.
Help is just a few clicks away.

More details about Snapask can be found on their website ““. Do pop by Apple or Android store to download the app (first 3 sessions complimentary)

* Parents look here – Snapask is running a short Parents’ survey with $50 Capitaland vouchers to be won. Take part in the survey here: