Oreo cheese cake factory

Mention Oreo, and our kids gleam non stop.
Oreo on it’s own, Oreo peeled and licked, Oreo dunked in milk, and of course Mummy’s Oreo Cheese cake!

Even Daddy could not resist posing with the delicious cheese cake.

The night before, our Oreo Cheese cake factory (in Sengkang) was packed with activities. Some crack the eggs, some whipped the cream.

Others help themselves to the cookies packed the cookies neatly together. Mummy always expect Oreo to go missing, and she never fail to stock extra Oreo cookies.
We love Oreo

Video : Kids helping Mummy with Oreo Cheese cake

Needless to say, Oreo Cheese cake always have a short lifespan in our home 🙁

For SengkangBabies, Oreo = Happiness 🙂