Peony Jade invites you to a moonlight feast

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This Mid Autumn festival, Peony Jade is treating you to a moonlight feast.
All Peony Jade mooncakes are handcrafted and freshly baked.

Their traditional oh-so-flaky Teochew Orh-ni (芋泥) mooncake is delightful for everyone. Kids (and adults too) simply love to peel the flaky skin and the sweet yam just melts in your mouth.
recommend Orh Ni Mooncakes

You know Orh-Ni is our favourite because it was the first one to vanish! Daddy suspects Orh-ni (芋泥月饼) will be grandparents’ favourite too.

Then we were presented with Peony Jade’s “4 Heavenly Flavours 天皇四果宝” too.
If the snowskin(冰皮月餅) is colourful, wait till you taste the “exotic” fruit fillings !
Peony Jade famous mooncakes

As the name implies, “Fruitty” Snowskin mooncakes consist of 4 flavours from Mao Shan Wang, Soursop, Jackfruit and Snowskin Kochi Yuzu with Apple cream cheese.

In our home, everyone loves Mao Shan Wang (猫山王), but soursop and jackfruit is an acquired taste (for the kids). The apple cream cheese comes with a slight tinge of sour. Daddy will use “refreshing” (figuratively and literally) to describe the four fruitty flavours.

Our kids are rooting for Orh-Ni and Traditional mooncakes, which means their parents get to savour the snowskins 🙂

Baked Mooncake with Premium Mother of Pearl White Lotus Paste, Macadamia Nuts & Double Yolk.

Peony Jade offers a wide selection of mooncakes to cater for everyone’s palate.

Do pop by Peony Jade website and Fanpage for your mooncakes selection.

Thank you Peony Jade for the Mooncakes feast !